Playing an artist on Pinterest

On the seriously popular app Pinterest, we can all be an artist. Or a cook. Pinterest allows egalitarian sharing of crafty creations and web sites with absolutely anyone. This how-to-DIY-guide of the social networking world is changing creative expressions of thousands of people.

Pinterest is a potential shopping mall of the future. Amazingly unique and exotic gifts can be found on the site and ordered by price. Why wander around the shopping mall in search of something different when we can buy it at the click of a button? When we don't want to wait around for an auction on Ebay, there's always this collection of references to bargain sites.

This R2D2 bin was sold on Etsy (& so was its image above) after some free advertisement on Pinterest.

The DIY world is another reason to join the crowd at Pinterest. I took a bit of getting used to the technology (I'm getting old fashioned), but you just click on the picture and the referenced web page will appear.

This cocktail was pinned from a Fitness Magazine online article. Yum!

Maybe it's time to discover some new music and movies. Heaps of genres & topics are posted on pictorial Pinterest. A useful link to everything Rocky Horror Themed was pinned recently from Rocky Music. Someone could have pinned your favourite band already. Or maybe it can be your job to educate us on a band or film that hasn't made it on the pin boards yet. Whatever it is, it's probably been pinned.

Now it's time to get involved. Create a profile. Click like on stuff you like (that's pretty simple). Pin stuff on boards. Invite your friends. Have fun!


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