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Goodbye Nine to Five Life - Questioning the Hours of a Working Week

Goodbye Nine to Five Life -  Questioning the Hours of a Working Week The working week is being redefined in today's world. People no longer need to work around the clock to achieve something. Many leaders have been questioning the traditional working week hours. Traditional Work Week Stereotypes Two stereotypes are being busted. The first is nine-to-five, seven days per week. It is also known as the '40 hour work week.'  The Collins Dictionary describes this as "normal office hours" or "normal working hours." The second is a workaholic 24/7 approach or other long hours. This stereotype is best described as working enough to negatively affect health and wellbeing. It prevents life 'balance.' Excessive hours are also known to be unproductive due to diminishing returns. Staying back and being tired will not result in great creations. Reasons for Changed Working Hours Avoiding Peak Hour Traffic and Crowds The Sydney Mornin

Switch off and on again

Switch off and on again.  Techies often give this advice to anyone with a problematic gadget. We, as people, need to switch ourselves off and on again too. We need to take breaks. Everyone does.  People need breaks from something or everything. It's normal to get addicted to phones these days. Busy individuals walk down the street and stare at their screens. We can miss fascinating things if we never look up to see them. Temporarily switching away from our gadgets can change our perspective. Don't worry. It's not forever.  Full breaks from modern life are also important. A brief hideaway is the best way to regain perspective without external distractions. It's time to escape the daily grind. Go out to a quiet location to reflect. The Blue Mountains and distant beaches are easy getaways in Sydney. Find something which is convenient for you. We need to be switched off an on again. Rests are very healthy. The old roadside advertising is a great motto for lif