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A new beginning

The last couple of weeks were intense but worth it. I spent 3 days at Lake Macquarie with my father and brother, then 2 days with my grandparents for Western Gourmet Toastmasters, then 8 days at the Rotary Youth Leadership Award.  

2012 has seem a massive psychological change compared to 2011. One message RYLA repeatedly encouraged is a challenge for us to face any fears or phobias. A motivational speaker explained we can fill our lives with adventure if we do not live in fear. That spoke powerfully to me after I had been reserved in 2011. Sure, I was awarded a badge for speaking. But if you asked me to jump off a cliff, I would have just laughed it off! I had got so comfortable limiting my experiences to uni and speaking. 

RYLA took us out of our comfort zones and sent us down a cliff, in the form of abseiling. So what if I was terrified. I did what I could to skillfully shuffle down the cliff, like baby steps towards a daunting goal. An amazingly supportive group of friends actually…


Welcome to 2012 

I have created this blog at the start of 2012 to elaborate on my already-existing online presence. My Twitter account has led a neglected existence since 2007. My phases of tweeting were entirely latest-news-styled statuses. They rarely connected with other people. My Facebook posts kept everybody in the loop. However statuses are brief. They only tell part of the story. They also do not allow for creatively experimental writing. I want one blog to explain the how, why, and what. My interest in photography grew last year. Hopefully I can more visually document the adventures that result from what Mel wants. 

2011 ended with plenty of parties in December after the busy university year ended in November. My grades were 2 credits and 2 passes. Family and friends were my focus when I wasn't studying. It was worth it. Most of the time was somewhat workaholic. But I created a few rules to keep a balanced life. 
1: Always have colourfully painted nails. 
2: See friends e…