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Full Interview with Dana LaMon

Dana LaMon is an international speaker, author, former Californian judge, father, and blind. Dana LaMon interviewed on Skype with Melanie Suzanne Wilson, Toastmasters D70 Social Media Officer, in the lead up to his Australian visit. Dana will give the keynote speech and educational sessions at the 2015 Toastmasters District 70 (NSW & ACT) Annual Conference. He will then speak on ‘Packing Power into your Presentations’ at 99 on York, in Sydney’s CBD. Dana is technologically traditional. He uses a 1970 phone. It has no caller id. The loud ringing resonates. He loves it.  A nearby iPad belongs to Erica, Dana’s assistant. Despite Dana’s aversion to technology, he still uses an iPhone. The voice over with Siri proves to be useful. For someone less fond of technology, Dana is doing alright. He authored a blog since 2011.  Why did Dana originally choose to create a blog? “The blog provided ways to get message out, besides being on platform on stage.”

News Release: Dana LaMon to visit Sydney

  Dana LaMon, international speaker, will visit Australia in May on a tour of Toastmasters events. Dana is an international accredited speaker, a former judge, author, father of four.  He is also blind, after a fall during childhood. Yet Dana's determination inspires audiences across the world.  "When you say yes to the possibilities, then you start looking for the ways to make it happen.  The power is in your ability to imagine it. " Dana will present the keynote speech, at the Gala Dinner of the D70 Annual Conference, at the Bankstown Sports Club.   Toastmasters District 70 (D70) currently spans New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.  His educational sessions for the conference will be held on the morning of Sunday 17th May, also at the Bankstown Sports Club. The Sunday topic will be about personal growth after life changes.  Dana will speak at 99 on York, on Monday 18th May at 7pm, teaching on 'Packing Power Into Your

Dana LaMon

Dana travels internationally as a public speaker. He previously served as an Administrative Law Judge in California. Married since 1983, he is the father of four creative grown up children. Dana is blind. Yet there are no limits. Dana LaMon discusses extraordinary life experiences without even mentioning blindness. This down-to-earth communicator is focused on connecting with people. He chooses mingling with members over seating at executive top tables. Connection on stage is as important to this speaker as chatting with individuals. LaMon’s goal for his audiences is about  ‘making the moment meaningful.’       Dana’s consistent message started in early youth. He was invited to speak in churches besides his own, reaching new audiences. Dana was talking about life’s purpose. This topic continues in LaMon’s current speaking as a Toastmaster.   Dana says, “I do believe and talk about the fact that everyone has a purpose, a contribution to make to the universe. A

My Life In Pictures

I am starting a series of blog posts titled, My Life in Pictures. Although recent events are highly newsworthy topics for this blog, there is reminiscent value in further distant events. Let's do the time warp again! This first picture was taken at the wedding of my father Michael Wilson, and new step mother Linda Wilson (formerly Cuthill). There is a sense of community when suddenly inheriting three four grown-up siblings. There are the three step-brothers who are Linda's sons, and also a step-sister-in-law who is married to one of Linda's sons. My brother's best friend Bec is also in the selfie because a few of our friends are basically like family, living or practically living with us. Family are definitely the people you choose. They are all lovely. This photo shows the selfie culture Gen Y lives in. My iPhone was out and buzzing for most of the wedding. The photographer managed beautiful formal images. However, we had more control over the memories we recor

Why I Do Not Like Winter

I have never been a fan of Winter. Some people adore it. I don't see why. 1. Chilly mornings give me the sniffles. My nose is fine my midday. But that icy air mucks up by breathing. What's the answer? Drug ourselves on cold meds every morning? Be that awkward person with the tissues every day? That's not how humanity should start the day. 2. The cold air dries up my hands until they crack. Now Easter is past, I have already packed a bottle of moisturiser in my handbag. It will rescue my skin, ensuring I can greet by shaking hands for friendly greetings without feeling pain. 3. Suddenly cold desserts are sometimes socially unacceptable, or at least eccentric. Nothing beats a sweet gelato scoop as a special treat. That is until friends wonder what's going through my head, eating cold food in cold air. Living on the edge... 4. The warming up process is simply amusing. Everyone disagrees on the ideal heater/air con temperature. One man's cosy is another man'

Eight Years of Kidulthood

I have been an adult for almost eight years, assuming adulthood starts at 19. I still have no clue what I am doing. That is ok. I need to be honest with you, dear reader. Those television shows about quarter-life crises are right. We do not suddenly wake up at 25, 30 or any age in between, and suddenly have everything together. The thought of being 26 is completely mind-boggling. It sounds ancient. Yet it is fast approaching. I am still studying at 26. Why is that even a problem? My first degree is done. My second degree involves a balance of commercial work and community. What could be better? My career is still taking off. I'm halfway there. The skills are sorted. I love making advertisements. Now it's time to become the next Steve Jobs or Elizabeth Gilbert. Do I have to choose between the two? Relationships are more entangled than a Where's Wally or jigsaw puzzle. That is also alright. I might date when I have a spare minuted in my calendar - in 5 years. I am

Being Inspired by Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is an inspiration. It's not simply because he made lots of money, but how he created something extraordinary by being different. Even I occasionally need to be reminded that miracles are created by people who do not just follow the status quo. The only way to create something new is to surprise people. Zuckerberg was one of the many tech entrepreneurs to drop out of college. This move is not a prerequisite to success. I comfortably graduated from my business degree after four and a half years. The lesson, from the father of Facebook, is that there is more to life than the classroom. Please understand before I appear massively hypocritical. I am currently a postgraduate student. I love it. But it is not my whole world. It is a small slice out of a complete balanced life. Zuckerberg learned important lessons at Harvard. And it created crucial connections in social circles which contributed to Facebook. But he took down time, away from the classroom, to create Fa