Dana LaMon

Dana travels internationally as a public speaker. He previously served as an Administrative Law Judge in California. Married since 1983, he is the father of four creative grown up children.

Dana is blind. Yet there are no limits. Dana LaMon discusses extraordinary life experiences without even mentioning blindness.

This down-to-earth communicator is focused on connecting with people. He chooses mingling with members over seating at executive top tables.

Connection on stage is as important to this speaker as chatting with individuals. LaMon’s goal for his audiences is about ‘making the moment meaningful.’ 
Dana’s consistent message started in early youth. He was invited to speak in churches besides his own, reaching new audiences. Dana was talking about life’s purpose. This topic continues in LaMon’s current speaking as a Toastmaster. 

Dana says, “I do believe and talk about the fact that everyone has a purpose, a contribution to make to the universe. And my purpose is to help people to discover that and to find that fulfilment.”
When asked what makes his life meaningful, Dana LaMon says, “I am making my life meaningful, whatever I am doing, I am seeking to make it meaningful.” LaMon values present tasks, being in the moment.
All generations are searching for meaning. Dana was asked for advice specifically about Gen Y, although the wisdom is applicable for all generations.
Dana LaMon urges people to do what they enjoy now, not after retirement. He says the goal should be higher than materialism. LaMon says, “Would mother Theresa have done what she did if she was worried about money?”
Dana LaMon notes Steven Johnson’s concept of, “adjacent possible,” perspective. LaMon believes there are unimagined possibilities of people’s capability, beyond what they know.
He suggests balancing unforeseen experiences with planning. “When I wake up in the morning, I say, ‘what will I accomplish today?’ You don’t shut out the new experiences.”
Toastmasters is where leaders are made. Dana LaMon will present a keynote speech and educational sessions at the Toastmasters District 70 2015 Annual Conference.  


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