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Another lovely Easter!

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!   The last few days were beautiful moments of Easter. This holiday looks different for everyone. Some work, others play. We can be with family, or with friends. Here's how I enjoyed my break:  Relaxing with Friends  Any time with friends really can get us away from the turbulence of life's adventures. I was deeply grateful to enjoy seeing so many friends. There were barbecues, movies, multiple Italian meals, and shared stories. Sometimes family can be the friends you choose. Travelling No long weekend is complete without a trip down the coast with my beloved. An overnight stay was perfect. My iPhone forecasted a rainy Sunday. Yet an eventual sunshine must have been a miracle. Cooking Food preparation feels relaxingly domestic. I don't get the time for proper cooking that often. But there was a moment to get experimental. Many shops were not open on the public holidays. So I really became creative by using what

Opportunities with AirTasker

AirTasker is the solution to everything. It is the best place for odd jobs to get done, either quickly or over time. Tasks of categories include cleaning, delivery, creativity, administration, pet pampering, and more. The company was created by Tim Fung and   Jono (Jonathan) Lui in 2011/2012, according to LinkedIn. These founders published a brand identity in October 2015. A story was told about how the company was originally created. So many companies form out of an everyday need. This is one of them. A friend of Tim and Jono owned a truck. The main purpose, of this friend's truck, was to transport frozen chicken. But the driver was too often helping friends to move their possessions. It was like a freelance job on the side of his day job. Sound familiar? Tim and Jono realised lots of people have similar needs for odd jobs around the place. It could be moving house, editing a web site, assembling Ikea furniture, basically anything we 'do not have time

Don't Feel Bad for Feeling Good

Don't feel bad for feeling good. Work ethic now carries damaging connotations of guilt. People too often feel guilty if they are not producing something valuable at all times. Of course everyone should contribute towards society when possible. But it doesn't have to be 24/7.  For basically my whole adult life, I believed I had to achieve something amazing at all times. My achievements didn't have to be world domination. They would have included a good grade in a course, publishing new content, and so on. These in themselves are good things. But it's normal to need a break from everything occasionally.  'Holidays' don't always allow us to do what we really want. Sure, I love site seeing and exploring on trips. But my idea of a real break is when I can do whatever I want - within reason. My current time off is for doing what I want and don't want. It includes writing what I want, making the web sites I want, helping the community groups