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Junk Food in Moderation

Junk Food in Moderation  Balancing the Temptations of Junk Food with Healthy Options Food doesn't have to be an either-or. Image: iStock I do not feel guilty for eating some junk food. It is all in moderation. I will not turn hipster and live every minute on organic raw produce. Maybe sometimes, but not always. All respect should be given to those who choose the consciously health conscious route. They have freedom as individuals to enjoy putting time and energy into such lifestyles. It's just not me. Yes, I do feel joy from so-called "naughty" foods. But it's more than that. I don't want to live my life in a moral dilemma of a "right" and "wrong" of eating. That is so much brain power and consciousness that could be dedicated towards something else. Some treat foods are alright. Emphasis here is on the word, "some." Part of my daily diet might include occasional sugary treats. But that is occasional fun, p

Dresses for Women in Spring with Online Shopping

Start Dressing in Style for Spring through Online Shopping This blog post is sponsored by FashionMia - the online fashion clothing store. Click here to visit the FashionMia web site.  Dresses for Women are in Diverse Styles  Spring is the time to be more creative with dresses. The weather is warming up. This time is known for days at the races. It's time to dress up and have fun! Feel Pretty in Lace  Lace is a fully feminine way to dress up. It is elegant enough for slightly formal occasions. But it can be dressed down all day. Lace dresses for women will stand the test of time. Stand Out in Bright Colours Colourful dresses for women will truly turn heads. Everybody will notice that dress in a bright hue.    Be Yourself Most of all, get creative in developing your own personal style. Anything is possible, as long as you feel comfortable.

Give Yourself a Weekend

Give Yourself a Weekend Give yourself a weekend during any schedule. Image: iStock. Weekends are more important than ever. Technology allows us to multi task around the clock. Yet every individual deserves relaxation with dedicated time for breaks. Multiple definitions exist for weekends. There are long weekends, unplugged distance from devices or quick half days away. Whichever the schedule, every weekend should be peacefully happy. Work smarter not harder Work efficiently to allow more time for real breaks. Image: Pixabay. Productivity is not greater when working throughout a weekend. Resting and reviving can result in more focused achievement later on in the week. Be detached and free from distractions An entirely relaxed time off will have more impact. One option is to limit the use of work-related technology. Tech use is about moderation, not going for all or nothing. Keep devices on hand for emergencies. Evaluate messages during the day off. If