Give Yourself a Weekend

Give Yourself a Weekend

holiday weekend
Give yourself a weekend during any schedule. Image: iStock.

Weekends are more important than ever. Technology allows us to multi task around the clock. Yet every individual deserves relaxation with dedicated time for breaks.

Multiple definitions exist for weekends. There are long weekends, unplugged distance from devices or quick half days away. Whichever the schedule, every weekend should be peacefully happy.

Work smarter not harder

work smart
Work efficiently to allow more time for real breaks. Image: Pixabay.

Productivity is not greater when working throughout a weekend. Resting and reviving can result in more focused achievement later on in the week.

Be detached and free from distractions

An entirely relaxed time off will have more impact. One option is to limit the use of work-related technology. Tech use is about moderation, not going for all or nothing. Keep devices on hand for emergencies. Evaluate messages during the day off. If something does not require immediate attention, if the situation is not a dangerous emergency, then let non-urgent issues wait. By all means, stay in the loop. But don't let gadgets dictate your every waking moment.

Ideally, get a break from professional web activities entirely. It all depends on what is a realistic option for a particular profession. 

Another point of consideration is what makes each individual more happy. Some people grow fear of the unknown, even if it is an unknown amount of tasks and responsibilities. Then have a look at messages for peace of mind. But if reminders become stressful, and situations can survive without you, then simply do not look at that inbox.

Redefine your weekend

calendar schedule break
Redefine an adequately timed weekend to fit your schedule. Image: Pixabay.

The definition of a weekend can be modernised when required. If an entire two days cannot be sacrificed, at least try taking a day or half. The idea is to have a break for a decent amount of time, completely enjoying a getaway free from all distractions. 

Purposes of 'weekends' also vary. Some individuals or couples are thrilled by escaping for flights or other travel during a few days away. Others prefer to hide away at home. Real leisure time should be tailored to the needs of the individual for maximum peace of mind.

Try something different

extreme adventure weekend
Try a new activity to enjoy the variety of life. Image: Pixabay.

Mix it up with a new activity on the 'weekend.' People generally need variety in life. Work can, at times, feel slightly routinely familiar. Pick out something completely different to experience during time off.

Variety could be as extreme as sky diving. Broadened horizons could be more metaphorical, with simple small changes. Clothing chances could involve a new wardrobe, or a single added accessory. Exotic foods could be tasted. Or new menu items can be novelties at old favourite cafes. Everyone will have a different idea of what is involved in novelty activities.

Be mindful of meaning

peaceful spiritual meaningful weekend
Reflect on the meaning of life during restful time. Image: Pixabay.

Dedicate some time for spiritual or meaningful reflection. Consider exploring faith or listening to motivational podcasts. Allow yourself to gain further understanding of this wild world we live in.

Write in a journal diary, as a way to mentally process concerns and experiences. Journals allow people to reflect, remember and gain perspective.

Practice gratitude. Life is full of things to be grateful for. They could be as simple as warm weather, or as dramatic as awarded achievements. Gratitude brings attention to the positive parts of life, with potential for higher optimism.

Create Your Ideal Weekend

All people should have time away, planned into calendars. There is no right or wrong way to do a weekend, as long as it makes you happy.

Last advice is to try something that is new but comfortable. Comfort zones are small or vast for all unique people.

The best weekend has distraction-free time, customisation, variety and meaningful reflection.

Peace out... 


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