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Sheldon Cooper and Asperger's

Big Bang Theory is the best way to explain Asperger's Syndrome. It is very difficult to describe to people what it is like on a daily basis. What better person is there to demonstrate than our good old friend Sheldon Cooper? "Knock, knock, knock, Penny" is an obsessive behaviour for Sheldon. Ritualistic routines are classic. Sheldon also makes a 'rule' that it is the right way to knock on a door. Nothing gets in the way of knocking three times. Sheldon tries his best to figure out the sarcasm. This is difficult because Aspies take things literally. It happens a lot in the show because misinterpretation look funny on TV. Poor Sheldon is trying to figure out if Penny is being sarcastic, or if she really wants to work at the Cheesecake Factory for the rest of her life. This smart cookie is a visual learner. Pictures and diagrams are great for learning most things. But there's something Aspie about Sheldon's Friendship Algorythm . Another Aspie trait i

The Talented Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga)

Lady Gaga should be recognised for her technically elaborate accoustic music. Stefani Germanotta has been singing at the piano long before she was Lady Gaga in a meat dress. Stefani's early shows were amazing. This video includes a powerful upbeat tune called Electric Kiss. She is incredibly coordinated to play such fast piano melodies when singing. The solo piano sections are funky. That song is just musically brilliant. The funny bit is when a pannelist says, "I'm gonna give my demo to, like, my record label." Then another says, "Norah Jones, look out." They weren't kidding. Lady Gaga of course went on to be known for stage moments such as arriving in an egg. And we now know she was Born This Way - whichever way that is. Gaga filled a need in the market for a theatrical singer. But let's not forget the simple beginnings. Take away the stage sets and costumes, and she is still worth watching.

Asperger's Symptoms and Stress

There needs to be more awarenesss about the affects between anxiety and Asperger's symptoms. I am not writing this as a psychologist. I am writing as an Aspie blogger. But these sites reveal research which truly explains my experiences. Let's hope it helps other Aspies too. Better Health (Victoria) says disruptions to routine can cause anxiety. One reason for this is the many questions that arise when changing routines or practices. If you got used to doing things one way, there is more understanding of it. Outcomes are predictable. But a massive change in practice forces people into the unknown. New things in themselves are not wrong, but the results can be. What if a new thing makes you feel uncomfortable? How do you know of this new thing will work just as well? Figuring that out takes time. Let's use an example for context. Many of us have a regular place for eating out. Or a regular food. I used to always go to Subway for lunch during college. More specifically, I

Serious Delta Songs

  Delta Goodrem connects with all listeners through unique expressive songs. Everyone has different ways of expressing their emotions and opinions. Some act, or write, or shoot pretend guns in a computer game. I use blogging to let all those bottled up ideas just flow onto the screen.    Delta writes very honest songs for the same reason. It's clear there's a therapeutic benefit for her. But I gain just as much because her lyrics are relatable. It's why I look up to her so much. Delta puts universal experiences into perfect lyrics and melodies. She puts into words what everyone else is feeling. Here are my favourites:   1. Wish You Were Here  is a slow simple ballad.   2. Mistaken Identity became my favourite song as a teenager. It's probably because teens and twenties are for figuring out who we are. The piano work in the jazzy live version is amazing. This video is a must-watch.   3. I'm Not Ready - Lyrics are, "I'll never be ready to sa

Judith Durham Recovering

The musical legend Judith Durham was recently recovering from a brain haemorrhage which shocked fans globally. It is great to hear Judith is improving. The Seekers postponed their 50th Anniversary Tour around May 10th after the band's manager realised Judith should go to hospital. I was one of two winners who would have been meeting The Seekers at a concert on Monday 13th May. But Judith sadly became unwell in the week prior. At least I got to see them in a concert on the previous Monday. Of course it would have been amazing to meet my favourite band. I have been listening to all their songs throughout my life. There is something therapeutic about Judith's voice. But now the top priority is for Judith to get better. Every news report on this brought a tear to my eye. I felt scared and worried about what would happen to her. There is great hope now she is getting a bit better. I wrote a concert review after I saw The Seekers perform recently. This would have been publish

Style Icons: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Image: Melanie copying MK&A's big sunnies. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen prove fashion isn't one-size-fits-all. These tiny twins sometimes wear oversized clothing. It's either so they look bigger, or simply as a fashion statement. They also squeeze into jackets that slim the arms. Or skinny jeans that elongate legs. These girls always know what they're doing. Their experimentation with size is something anyone can emulate. I have fitted into a wide variety of sizes through my adult life. And that means some pieces are really little or really big - my wardrobe has turned into a story of Goldilocks and the 3 Little Bears. But that's ok. Maybe fellow readers are in the same boat. Or maybe you want variety. So let's take a look at what we can learn from the world's most famous twins. This image from Talking Pretty gives great Olsen Lessons. Fluffy fake fur is ultra-dressy, and comfy as a snuggie.   Pants can be baggy. It's hard to tell if A