The Talented Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga)

Lady Gaga should be recognised for her technically elaborate accoustic music. Stefani Germanotta has been singing at the piano long before she was Lady Gaga in a meat dress.

Stefani's early shows were amazing. This video includes a powerful upbeat tune called Electric Kiss. She is incredibly coordinated to play such fast piano melodies when singing. The solo piano sections are funky. That song is just musically brilliant.

The funny bit is when a pannelist says, "I'm gonna give my demo to, like, my record label." Then another says, "Norah Jones, look out." They weren't kidding.

Lady Gaga of course went on to be known for stage moments such as arriving in an egg. And we now know she was Born This Way - whichever way that is. Gaga filled a need in the market for a theatrical singer. But let's not forget the simple beginnings. Take away the stage sets and costumes, and she is still worth watching.


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