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What is happiness?

What is happiness? And how do you get it? There are many fancy ways to answer this.  Or there's Google.   Being Needed The Black Dog Institute   lists some signs of happiness that Keyes believed in. Fitting in is important for everyone. We all want to be part of a community. But I really agree when they say we also need acceptance, autonomy, personal growth, and purpose. Everyone wants to contribute something. Everyone wants to do something useful or challenging. I definitely find something is 'missing' unless I am challenged creatively. It could be blogging, playing a new song, or doing a speech with a new purpose. Whatever it might be, I always need to be communicating something. There is always a message.    Not Perfection  There is actually a debate about whether happiness is needed. If something negative happens, would you still want to be happy? Or would you want a realistic reaction? All signs point towards being useful. Hugh Mackay told  SMH  th

Purpose and Gratitude

Motivation is the most important thing in this world. People need to want to do anything. Where does anyone find that motivation? Why do we bother with anything? Here are a few ideas. Keep reading until the end. Love towards the universe  Victor Frankl  was a prisoner in a Nazi camp. He stayed positive. And  Oprah  is a fan. Victor believes love gives his soul strength. Happiness and success are fleeting. But love can survive anything. I believe love is a broad term for friends or a way to treat anyone. Victor found strength remembering his wife. My idea of love is towards the universe, people, and God. Everyone has something different that motivates them. It should be something they have unconditional sacrificial love for. Gratitude Journals Lots of places recommend gratitude journals.  Berkeley  just happens to be one of them. The idea is to find just a few things, maybe 3, in the day to be grateful for. Jason Marsh, inspired by Emmons, suggested detailed meaningful