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Remembering Edward Herrmann

The world recently mourned the loss of iconic actor Edward Herrmann. Ed was widely known for portraying the character Richard Gilmore for all seven seasons of the television series Gilmore Girls. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino oversaw witty dialogue for Ed and the cast. Edward Herrmann brought to life the perfect balance of quirky sass and classy elegance as one of the Gilmore grandparents. The GG cast shared some warm words with the world when Ed moved on. Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) was quoted by E ! as saying, "Edward Herrmann besides being an accomplished actor, he was a true gentleman and a scholar, as well as being an incredibly kind and decent man. He will be sorely missed." Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore)  tweeted , "My friend Ed Herrmann was the kindest, classiest, most talented man. It was an honor and a joy to know him, a devastating blow to lose him." Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore) told TV Line , "We, the Gilmore Girls family, are so terri


The whole world are recapping their highlights of 2014. It seems everyone had successes to celebrate for the year. That is great. But I don't feel a need to reach milestones in 2014. Instead, 2014 was more like the start of future adventures. It was the beginning of journeys, which could go in any direction. I won't even say it was a means to a specific end. 2014 was about growth. Creativity was the top priority for 2014. My brain was craving expressive artistic outlets. The right side of my brain was metaphorically falling asleep at the start of the year, and needed to be woken up. I felt inspired by free spirits like Jemima Kirke, Missy Higgins, and Steve Jobs. Part of me desperately wanted to create something. I don't know why it mattered so much. And I don't know what I was supposed to create. There was simply an uncontrollable craving for the creative unknown. I tried everything this year, in a search to fulfil this inexplicable hunch. I started making web site

Random thins I normally do on the train

I am in love with the concept of multitasking. Trains are great places to multitask. There are less distractions than at home. Trips also force people to sit still for a while, not wandering around everywhere. It's multitasking heaven. The results are quite random. Here's what I get up to: Creating Things on a Macbook  I have been known to randomly make a web site on the train. Because why not. Sometimes a creative concept will just pop into my head and I just want to get it into the net. Some projects get done simply through a series of quick twenty minute sessions. Whatever the purpose, I love making things on the train. Painting Nails  Goodness - I can paint my nails when typing on the train, when walking down the street, when waiting in a queue... The thought of sitting and passively having someone else do my nails would make me feel a bit bored. Trains are great for nail painting because it can be done for a few seconds in front of the computer screen. Applying Mak


Endurance It is time to talk about endurance. It is more important than motivation. This is not about semantics. Endurance is about survival. Endurance is the only road to greatness.  The Oxford Dictionary defines "motivation' as, "A reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way." Generally, if we remotely like a particular goal, we can find a reason why it should be done. Let's hypothetically suppose I really want to write more articles today. Or maybe I want to publish more content on my web sites. There are lots of reasons or motivations to do this. It is good work experience. It gives people something to read. It is self expression. The list goes on. There will always be reasons why you want to do something. Do you ever not do it anyway?  Gen Y have motivation coming out of our ears. There is an abundance of motivation. These are the pros. There are also cons. Obstacles appear. We tell ourselves these obstacles are stopping us. But

Kidult's Guide to Easy Healthy Juice

Blended juices have turned ultra complicated in the past few years. That's alright when wanting extra value in a takeout drink. But the DIY beverages at home should be easy. Kidults should be able to throw together a treat, ready to get on with other important priorities in the day. Let's clarify one thing here. I am by no means a nutritionist. I am just a chick with a blender. More importantly, I am a normal time-poor kidult who wants a simple home lifestyle. There must be a way to look after ourselves and still get on with our lives. A powerful drink can feel fresh even if some ingredients aren't. I keep bottles of long-life lemon juice and orange juice in my fridge. They are ready to mix with fresh fruit or veg any time. Juice is filling, light and tasty. Extra water helps to blend quicker, and clearly adds more hydration. Ice can be better for texture and summery weather. Quantities can be guesstimated and made up. The best motto in the kitchen is: if it feels