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Yes Man

Strengths and weaknesses A handout recently told me we can help people deal with their challenges when we recognise how we respond to our own challenges. My opinion is we become a what-not-to-do as much as a what-to-do. So in the spirit of learning from each other, I admit my weakness is the word, "no." I just don't say it. In fact, I say yes or even ask to do absolutely everything.  My first day back at the uni taught something rarely taught in a classroom: do less. My schedule was no longer filled with fun optional events. It was jam-packed, bursting at the seams, with enough tasks to burn anyone out. I had just filled my week preparing speeches and events for Toastmasters and Rotary. I was still recovering from the last weekend's wild party, which was a blessing to be a part of. I had worked for my uni job on 3 days that week. The house was a constant priority on the to-do-list as more cleaning was needed. The return to Parramatta campus on Friday was a social

A few lines.

I realise your curse was a blessing in disguise.  Your promises were fake, they were lies in my eyes.  You talked down my worth and my capabilities,  You hid your laziness, failing all that you please.   You would rather drag me, down than build your self up.  I now have the power to live and not give up.  Embracing this freedom, this independence and, Now learning the power, the right to just be me.

What do you do?

What do you do?  Is it just me, or is it a little bit awkward when we are asked, "What do you do?" An answer feels either unambitious or boastful no matter what it is. Is university study an occupation or something to fill in spare time?  Some people learn so much about their specialties that a simple explanation becomes a complicated jargon-filled regurgitation of a text book. What is marketing? Well, first you have this theory, and this framework, this acronym, this historical context, the 4 Ps, the 4 types of segmentation, these strategies... Is it possible to answer that question without people asking for less jargon? The answer varies greatly depending on who we are talking to.  Put me in a group full of people twice my age, and I am the college kid trying to prove I recently (a couple of years ago) had a 'real job.' It will be a relief when I no longer have to skip an event because a super-important assignment is due and hopefully the grade will be ok beca