Yes Man

Strengths and weaknesses

A handout recently told me we can help people deal with their challenges when we recognise how we respond to our own challenges. My opinion is we become a what-not-to-do as much as a what-to-do. So in the spirit of learning from each other, I admit my weakness is the word, "no." I just don't say it. In fact, I say yes or even ask to do absolutely everything. 

My first day back at the uni taught something rarely taught in a classroom: do less. My schedule was no longer filled with fun optional events. It was jam-packed, bursting at the seams, with enough tasks to burn anyone out. I had just filled my week preparing speeches and events for Toastmasters and Rotary. I was still recovering from the last weekend's wild party, which was a blessing to be a part of. I had worked for my uni job on 3 days that week. The house was a constant priority on the to-do-list as more cleaning was needed. The return to Parramatta campus on Friday was a social reunion after a few months. It was also a work shift. Priorities became so important then. Focus on the job. I felt too exhausted by lunch time on Friday to visit the gym or set up enrollment, or study. After crashing at home, I was driving and then back at the piano. I had previously agreed to attend something that night. But my eyes were closing on their own as I felt light headed. Thanks to the outrageously late start of 7 am, eating had seemed like an indulgent waste of time. We all forget there are only 24 hours in a day. 

This lesson is to all you workaholics out there. We can either do less at each individual task when doing everything, or specialise in a few tasks and do them well. Step 1 for me is skipping the next Toastmasters meeting. Step 2 is a general plan to not always attend every meeting for every group. Most groups are happy for members to miss a meeting. 

I will try during this semester to practice what I preach when telling other students this lesson. The priority is uni. Study first, chill out when your homework is done. Prioritisation might have been drilled into us at 15, but there is nothing wrong with a reminder. 


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