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Funny tiredness stories

Stuff we do when tired... Do you ever end up tired enough for those funny silly mistakes? I have made a few of them lately. The bus arrived and I reached for a weekly card - quickly stopped myself from presenting my drivers' license instead. How many people have confessed to, in the morning, realising they poured orange juice onto cereal?  My feared tired trip-ups include:  Ordering something at a bar and then forgetting to take it.  Forgetting your login until the web site thinks you're a hacker.  Forgetting to put the garbage out (I have only seen that happen on Buffy).  Mixing up words - flipper instead of slipper, or saying yesterday instead of tomorrow.  And then the stuff others might do:  The nice kid at Maccas serves you a Grand Angus when you asked for the Mighty Angus (serious issue because one has bacon and the other has lettuce). Pizza delivery people giving the wrong change (true story told in a lecture).  Bees- this is relevant - they bec

Dana Events Listed Online

Dana LaMon's May 2015 Sydney Tour featured in various sites online. Event Brite Packing Power Into Your Presentations Eventful Packing Power Into Your Presentations Making Your Presentations Memorable Burwood Scene Article:  Californian judge, author, to visit Burwood Menu: Californian judge, author, to visit Burwood Western Waffler Newsletter St Event Dana LaMon Presents: "Packing Power Into Your Presentations" Hey Event Dana LaMon Presents: "Packing Power Into Your Presentations"

International Speaker Dana LaMon to Visit Burwood

International guest Dana LaMon will present a workshop in Burwood in May. He will travel from the USA, for a Sydney tour with five events. Dana is an international speaker, author of four books, and former Californian judge. He is also blind, but proves anything is possible.      The workshop will teach public speaking skills such as: developing a message, structuring points, attracting attention, mechanics of speaking, and developing eloquent habits.  The workshop will be on Tuesday 19 th May 2015 at Club Burwood (97 Burwood Rd). Tickets are $10 for general admission, and $5 concession. This valuable ticket price is thanks to sponsorship by the Trainers by Design Toastmasters Club.   Dana LaMon won the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking in 1992. His books are on topics such as life meaning and emcee techniques.  Dana was raised in California. He joined the California State Bar in 1978, and was an Administrative  Law Judge in California

Dana LaMon: The 2015 Australian Tour

  Dana LaMon will be touring Sydney Toastmasters in May 2015.  His tour is sponsored by the Trainers by Design Toastmasters Club.  Dana LaMon is a former Californian judge, author of four books, and international speaker.  Dana is also blind.  The following events are available:  2015 Toastmasters District 70 Annual Conference 3 events at the Bankstown Sports Club, 8 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown NSW 2200 Conference registration closes Wednesday 6th May 2015.  Friday 15th May 2015 A Master Class Educational Workshop Bankstown Sports Club [Sold Out] Saturday 16th May 2015  Keynote Speech $70 Gala Dinner Bankstown Sports Club Click here for registration   Sunday 17th May 2015 Change A-D-V-I-C-E $25 Educational Session Click here for registration Non-Conference Events Monday 18th May 2015 - Sydney CBD Packing Power Into Your Presentations $10 full price tickets: General admission $5 discounted tickets: Concession - Toastmas