Funny tiredness stories

Stuff we do when tired...

Do you ever end up tired enough for those funny silly mistakes? I have made a few of them lately. The bus arrived and I reached for a weekly card - quickly stopped myself from presenting my drivers' license instead. How many people have confessed to, in the morning, realising they poured orange juice onto cereal? 

My feared tired trip-ups include: 
Ordering something at a bar and then forgetting to take it. 
Forgetting your login until the web site thinks you're a hacker. 
Forgetting to put the garbage out (I have only seen that happen on Buffy). 
Mixing up words - flipper instead of slipper, or saying yesterday instead of tomorrow. 

And then the stuff others might do: 
The nice kid at Maccas serves you a Grand Angus when you asked for the Mighty Angus (serious issue because one has bacon and the other has lettuce).
Pizza delivery people giving the wrong change (true story told in a lecture). 
Bees- this is relevant - they become less precise, just like we do. Check this out. 

With that in mind, Yahoo suggests some strategies for us to be at our brightest. 


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