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  Life is a catapult.  I am in awe by how life transformed when I allowed it.  It is now late March. Around 10 months ago, my world flipped upside down.  My grandfather received an OAM, and my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer.  I had just quit an unfulfilling job, and moved out of an unhappy apartment, out to follow my dreams. My parents had been separated for a few years, and my grandparents were my rock.  Two things resulted. Firstly, I suddenly felt the instinct to publicise Gary's award. A hunch, a voice, told me the world should know. This was one step for the Wilsons, one leap for Toastmasters.  Secondly, I had to quickly learn independence during a grieving period. I couldn't run to this nurturing grandmother whenever I wished. Even mentors need to look after themselves.  Ten months down the track, and I am more used to life as it is now. I am actively pursuing advertising clients. Family are on Skype when needed. Gary's award br

Growing Up as a Volunteer

It's fair to say I have grown up in a volunteering background. My grandparents volunteer in Toastmasters rain, hail or shine. This selflessness has rubbed off on me over the years. My most recent experiences have been in speaking, charitable work, and helping those who believe in freedom. But this desire to volunteer and help others extends to back to prior years. During high school, I always wanted to put 100% into charitable work and music. I got involved in Daffodil Day, school bands, and anything else I believed in. This was about changing lives and developing skills. The most important influence as a volunteer would be my grandparents. The other life lessons are from some close friends who love the global community as much as I do. With that in mind, this is what I have learned so far: 1. If you are available, say yes. Why not? If you have nothing else to do, the least you can do is show up. Commitment shows reliability. And it helps other people to plan.   A gre