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Nad's Nose Wax for Men & Women

Nad's Nose Wax for Men & Women


  Sometimes a concept gets labelled with more acronyms than people know what to do with. Everybody knows a different ‘name’ for the same thing. We make up our own. We get lost in a sea of made-up jargon.   No, this post is not about preparation. Most members of Toastmasters will recognise PREP as a format for speaking. Everyone else may recognise it as getting ready (preparation). But PREP is also great for writing blogs or essays. Having just finished a degree, I should have been using PREP at the start of my course. It’s as easy as: Point: of view or idea Reason: why Example: of the point in action Point: restated   Why is this acronym getting so much attention in this blog? Because it is so much better than the one a particularly youthful lecturer uses. Every single class taught by this person at university were reminded the same rule: alter it before telling your younger siblings about it. Is it unprofessional, or just mucking around? Remember to read t

Decoration Station

The popularisation of Pinterest has got the creative juices flowing for innovative ideas. One of these crafty categories is household decoration. Materials range from paper to a tennis ball. Others are products from online stores. The most pinned fantastic finds are all about originality. That’s why they end up on Pinterest – to inform us about something we don’t already know about. But there are other decorative options we used before Pinterest. My household style involves fairly random bits and pieces. Whether they are found at a chain store or given as a gift, it’s all good.     Typo from the Cotton On group can be blamed for the gutsy calendar on my wall. Each month is accompanied by a quote such as, “keep calm and rock on,” or “keep calm and bust a move.” There’s something extra cheeky in August, “keep calm as life is f***** anyway.” This calendar might overwhelm a different crowd. Nonetheless, the fun humour from Typo really lightens the mood.    Then there is the

Let's get social!

Where's Mel? In Sydney? Yes and no. We can also find Mel online. Here's a quick list to find Mel wherever it's needed. 1. Facebook : FB (my abbreviation) is home to the most info about Mel. Check out some Instagrammed photos and more. 2. Twitter : The easiest way to contact your favourite faces. Don't forget to #hashtag a topic and @tag @Mel_Wilson. If I find an interesting link, I'll Tweet it. 3. Google + It's difficult to change the URL. But this profile leads to the blog What Mel Wants . My profile page gives some info, but it's not the main conversation location. 4. Foursquare : Use a smartphone to tell friends about a cool location nearby. Who knows, you just might find me! 5. Myspace : Mel's very first social networking page. What a trip down memory lane... 6. Tumblr: Create blogs and follow others. Follow Mel or my fave, the adorable Zoey Deschanel . 7. Skype : Hi there! Skype username is melsw89.  8. Latitude : Find my Google profile o

Comfort zones and discomfort zones

The last time I posted on this blog, it was the start of the final semester of uni. A lot has changed since then. Some of those changes were inevitable, and yet my approach was that of extreme reluctance. We get so used to our surroundings that we do not want to change. I had suddenly landed into working in a completely unfamiliar industry that I knew nothing about. This immersion into the deep end of the pool left me feeling like I was drowning. And it felt like nobody was reaching out a hand to rescue, or even teach me how to save myself. We all start our careers in a situation like that. If you haven't, just watch the first season of Grey's Anatomy for an idea.   Part of me didn't want to leave university at all. Although a completed degree should be celebrated as an achievement, it meant leaving the most familiar comfortable environment. Sometimes we thrive in an organisation by gaining roles, relationships, and achievements. University was the best manifes