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Differences Make Us Stronger

  Differences Make Us Stronger Human kind are beautifully diverse. We gain strength in our differences. My relationship with Clay Halford is filled with amazing contrasts.  Getting from A to B: To Drive or Not To Drive I Avoid Driving I never enjoyed driving. My attitude is partly due to the environment, also my slight perceived inability and also preferring to do other things. There are too many things to pay attention to at the same time. Very little control exists for the other people on the road, who do unpredictable irresponsible things. My Fiancee Relaxes When Driving Clay, my fiancĂ©e, feels more relaxed when driving. We sometimes go on 'drives' where he simply drives us to the beach or around a few suburbs. I do not fully understand the recreational side of cars. They seem boring to me. There is very little to do when cooped up in that little space. But Clay gets to focus on s