How I Feel Better Than Ever at 27

I am better at 27 and should be more aware of the blessing

Twenty seven is an interesting age. It it old enough to have lived life as an adult for a while. Yet there is so much more of life yet to come. This age feels late and early all at the same time.

I was lately re-evaluating choices to make sure I am being as responsible as possible. The words, "what-if" became far too common in my everyday thoughts. I could have done this, could have done that. And I was suddenly putting great pressure on myself to reach 'greatness' (whatever that is) in the next while. Everything needed to be sorted out before I become (gasp) old.

After plenty of talking and thinking and Googling, I now realise a life of regret is not very useful at all. Human beings are flawed. Even as adults, we will not be perfect or flawless. Our decisions should be the best options, based on our knowledge and understanding at the time. We will never know and understand everything. All anyone can do is what they can.

Here are a few life lessons I am seeing a few months into being twenty seven: 

Careers Do Not Always Peak in Mid/Late Twenties

See that phrase, "Mid/Late Twenties?" The word "late" there gives me a panic attack. Yet people achieve what they want at all sorts of ages. Chances are plenty of smaller, or equally significant, achievements would have been made during the twenties in some way. And the twenties are certainly not over at 27 anyway.

Stop Pursuing Balance

Who is truly balanced anyway? Who defines balance? This ideal has been proclaimed in discourse as an ideal women should strive towards. When one thing takes the priority, something else loses a bit of attention. The more we do a bit of everything, we are not doing a lot of something.

More priorities exist further into the twenties. Greater responsibility can exist at 27 than 23. Those few years difference can quickly fly by, and suddenly life requires a whole new to do list. It is a change that needs to be conquered all over again. Part of the secret is not to try and do everything at once. Take life bit by bit. After all, what is the hurry?


I am happily excited about my upcoming wedding. It is now part of the juggle. People often ask about the fun pretty tasks when discussing engagement. Choices need to be made for a cake, audio, decorations and many other aspects of the big day. Yet a new marriage involves other things to juggle beyond the day itself. Perhaps health insurance would need to change. Moving house might be preferred, and a time needs to be chosen. Engagement is a blessing which needs to be juggled with the rest of life.

My brain recently took me on a big planning session, to get everything predicted in advance. The next two years were suddenly organised month by month. No, it doesn't really work that way. I was living in la la land. Unpredictability is a fact of life. My relationship might take me to a new suburb or we could stay here. I could start a family quickly or slowly. It could balance with work easily or with more difficulty. There is very little way to know.

Allow unpredictability.

Work and Career

Most people keep work life up the top of a priority list. Career choices can be either simple or complicated during the mid and late twenties. Many people are finished with early college by mid twenties. It is a normal time to want those dream jobs which were aimed towards, throughout early twenties and possibly teens. Career progression can be more difficult than expected. It is as though there are boxes in the check list of life. Twenty somethings might either strive or survive.

I spent a few years in full time marketing, before realising it was not exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life. I still do part time and freelance communications work. Variety is important to me. I feel a deep desire to switch between tasks, get up for a short break, or go to a different location. I can't sit still. A few days in a office can be alright. But the thought of entire weeks at one desk simply cannot currently appeal to me. Variety is the spice of life.

Emotions bubble over when careers are being figured out. Regret often pops into my head for all sorts of reasons. Yet this will not achieve anything. We cannot change the past. What worked in the past might not feel right in the present. Different people have different needs. Twenties are great times to experiment with trial and error.


Other adults in their twenties may further their continuing education and skills. It could be to grow in their current professions or embark on career changes. The educational landscape has changed. Entrepreneurialism and practical experience sometimes now take priority over academic theory. Yet courses are now adapting to sometimes include the required practical skills. My masters degree is practical and fulfilling. It is also a responsibility to juggle with the rest of life.

Small amounts of continuous learning are vital for any young adult's life. Online video based learning, such as Lynda, help people to understand and achieve anything. Community courses often offer short programs in practical courses. The twenties are as good a time as any to learn beading, cooking or anything.

Independent Projects

Projects are very commonly independently managed these days. Some could be entrepreneurial. My new store, Hourglass Shopping, is a venture into e-commerce. Other projects are in the name of creativity. Separate blogs exist for my communications techniques (What Mel Knows), style ideas (Shake Up Your Style), personal life (What Mel Wants), and other blogs that were made for my masters degree. Separate targeted site felt important because different audiences prefer to read about specific topics. And all three areas feel equally important. All these activities require a few hours in the day. It's all about scheduling and efficiency.

Leisure and Social Adventures

Twenties are totally the time to be social, travel and try something different. I love attending quality events and parties to then see interesting people. Events are quite optional but should be allowed when the schedule fits them in. Travel is a double edged sword. I feel grateful to be travelling every couple of months. These trips are either road trips or flying. Everyone should know what their bodies and minds can handle when going on trips. I end up feeling exhausted for the couple of days after a trip, or even for the first few hours after flying. Self care can allow anyone to attempt continuation of normal activities during high activity. 

Is Balance Even Possible?

So many efforts fill up time during those later twenties. Suddenly time is split up between relationships, work, education, independent projects and leisure. The more opportunities we receive, the more choices have to be made.

Guilt free life is one of the best coping mechanisms for the struggle to balance. Nobody can do everything. Nobody will do anything perfectly. We all face the same decision making anxiety whether we are world leaders, domestic nurturers, or creative free spirits. Something will be less balanced than something else. Choices will be made differently compared to if they were chosen later. Hindsight can be everything. That is ok.

Let yourself stuff up.

Transitions Are Necessary

My life at twenty seven is in a massive transition. I am close to settling down in married life. Only a few subject are left for me to complete my masters degree. Entrepreneurial efforts are starting but still getting built. As I take a break from full time marketing, new opportunities are on the horizon. Somehow lots of things are only starting.

Transitional life stages can be painful for anyone who feels impatient. I always want everything now. It all has to happen instantly. Sadly, life does not work that day. Months or years of preparation can go into some goals.


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