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Easy Healthy Eggy Breakfast

Breakfast should be healthy and not boring. After all, it is the most important meal of the day. 
Many people grow up with the same cereal and vegemite every morning. There is nothing wrong with that as such. Whatever floats your boat. But it doesn't have the flavour or nutrition of a delicious properly prepared breakfast. 
Food doesn't have to be complicated either. Spinach leaves are the perfect pretty inexpensive garnish for almost any plate of food. Good old ham and tomato can get people going in the morning. And they feel more filling than just a spread. Boiled eggs are so easy. They can sit there in the pot, doing their thing. Next thing you know, there are protein-rich delights without the oiliness. Enjoy. 
This is just one of many ways to properly enjoy breakfast. It's quick, simple, and totally worth it. Go on, give it a try. Break away from the normal routine. Treat yourself to something better.

Creativity and Eccentricity

There has always been a controversially creative side to me. Creativity is not just painting a picture, or singing a song. Creativity is about creating something. I love creating big strategies from scratch. The blogging industry has legitimised journalistic writing in the online world. This style is something I love dearly. I also enjoy putting together the layouts and visual designs, playing my piano, and generally creating anything which communicates a meaningful message. Most of all, I love online writing. That is why I am doing a masters degree in journalism. It's the pure creativity.

Elizabeth Gilbert described the controversy of this profession. It is normal to ask a creative individual about writer's block, fear of failure, and manic habits. "Notion that creativity and suffering are somehow inherently linked." Liz believes the Western world associates creative creations too closely with their human creators. We identify ourselves with our work like it is not…

Imagine the audience... Writer's Block or Writer's Nerves?

Yes, this post has two titles. Both are equally important. Do you have those days when you can't decide on what to wear, so you wear both? Or you can't decide on what to eat, so you eat both? It's the same indecisiveness. Anyway, I should get on with sharing ideas with you dear readers.

Everyone has a fear of something. This does not imply incapability. Fear does not define you, it only possesses you. It is like a Dementor from Harry Potter. It hovers over you like a cloud before the rain. But remember, there are rainbows and sunshine after the rain. We all have fears or shyness. Some people find ways to work around it. This doesn't mean terminating these fears forever. Work with what you have.

I have been procrastinating on some very important writing recently. There were weeks to do it. There were people who could have helped with it. I also love writing - I have to love it, because I need an expressive outlet and I am a terrible singer. So then why did I put off th…

The Fun Of Leadership

Leadership has its light fun moments, amongst the seriousness of striving towards goals. Toastmasters clubs teach leadership creatively, so it doesn't feel like work at all.

Themed meetings bring a twist to regular routine. Members can dress up, design the agenda, and create speeches, and play games for the theme. The Parramatta Toastmasters Club once played a game called, "Human Christmas Trees." A loyal leader became wrapped head to toe in tinsel. The same club created a meeting to celebrate the Rocky Horror Picture Show. One could only imagine the costumes. Now that is creative leadership.

Themes demonstrate great organisational leadership skills. It's not just child's play. There must be liaison with a caterer for themed food. Delegate a member who can decorate. Teach members new meeting techniques. Publicise the special event to the wider community.

Speeches themselves allow creative fun leadership. Stage time is not always serious business. Swap the lecter…

Use your hands for body language in public speaking

Body language is about individual elements, and the whole look. 
Hands are an important part of body language. 
Incorrect hand gestures impact on the message and image of a speaker. Gestures can be distracting, confusing, exhausting, anxious, and repetitive.
This blogger previously fidgeted when nervous, or dramatically waved arms when speaking. 
Other worrying trends in other people include hands behind the back, on hips, clasped, or holding something. There's also the infamous repetitive gesture, used by one speaker in every speech.  
There are easy alternatives which will make the speech look more relaxed and convincing.   
Hands should be kept at either side of the speaker. Arms should be relaxed on the side.  
This should be mixed with hand gestures. The point or message will be illustrated by these gestures.

Be deliberate with how your use your hands in speeches. Make your gestures meaningful.

5 Lessons in Leadership

Here are 5 lessons I have learned in leadership:
1. Ask for help.
You're not an island. You're a person. Remember the difference. Leaders are limited flawed human beings. They need help. How many people does it take to change a lightbulb? As many as possible!

Get a second opinion on what you're doing. You don't have to do what your friends say, but it's guidance in an optional direction.

Mentorship is important because you can learn from the experiences of others. Definitely do your own thing. But there is no reason to reinvent the wheel, or find your way in the dark.

2. Do the little things.
Stop being a princess, on a high horse. Do the little things that will achieve your vision. Amongst all the strategising and delegating, there has to be some action.

Sure, you can entrust other people with some work. But if you don't check the little things are getting done, then needed details can slip through the cracks.

The best way to ensure action is with a hands…

Writer speaks against domestic violence after losing family

Domestic violence is not only a topic of debate. It is not only about ‘stranger danger.’ It can be unexpected. Attackers can be close to the victims, even family and friends. Rebecca Poulson is speaking out, and writing, to help victims.
“You don't really choose to become a writer, writing is something that has always been with me. When I lost my family members in violent circumstances then the book choose me - I HAD to write it.”
When she was ready, life-changing events compelled her to write. A horrific family attack left her recovering for years.
The writing process for her first book was an emotional roller coaster. Rebecca was compelled to write about her own trauma, hoping the world would learn from her own experience of domestic violence.
It was Rebecca’s 33rd birthday. Rebecca’s father, and young niece and nephew, were murdered by those children’s own father. Rebecca’s brother-in-law had taken the lives of her beloved family.
Her father, Peter Poulson, was a known and loved…

How to Take a Good Selfie

Selfies are an art form. They require angles, colours, and manoeuvring.
Some say it's simple. Some see a skill in it.
You can decide.

Get the Zoom Fitting

This picture chopped half the forehead off. Remember if you're using an app like Instagram, you might need extra space before the app crops the picture. 

Still, you can't fit everything in the photo. So if in doubt, leave it out. 

Pull Funny Faces 

Create excitement with expressive looks. It doesn't have to always be serious.   

Use Your Outside Arm

If you're in a group, take a picture with your outside arm. Then it should be less visible in the photo, and shouldn't block the view of the beautiful people in it. 

Less is More

It's ok to hide behind big outfits or sunnies. This creates an image of mystery and exclusivity.

Smile With Your Friends

It looks social and fun. Selfies don't have to only be yourself. Share the love!

Pose in Windy Weather

Achieve that photo shoot look. Get snap happy just when your h…

Modern Leadership

Modern leadership has changed dramatically from a generation ago. This is due to trends in the workforce, and also from new ideological ideas such as empowerment.
Leadership is not about enforcing people to obey mindless commands. Professionalism is not about the distant impersonal small talk.
Real leadership inspires people to achieve goals. Many people feel more comfortable achieving a goal they believe in, for people they believe in.
Once upon a time, I believed professionalism required me to be as distant as possible. Don't tell people what's really going on in life. That would be too much information. Don't let flaws show through. It would bring you down.
Something changed. I met friends who work hard at what they do, but are still completely honest with each other. There were friends who shared everything. The professional and unprofessional, light and serious, successes and failures.
We actually worked better that way. Take away the fear of failure, and people g…

How to choose a speech topic

Choosing a speech topic can either be easy or difficult. Writer's block just sometimes gets in the way. I have to do a speech tonight, and just am not feeling overly inspired. So that will be the topic of my latest speech.
The topic should be familiar to you and your audience. If you don't understand the topic, or if you are unaware of the details, then speaking on it will be very difficult. Meanwhile, the audience members need to find a relevant take home message of your speech. They are asking the question, "What's in it for me?" The characteristics of your audience members can indicate their needs.
Brainstorm and Mind Map
Be fully uncensored. Write down all the words you think of for a keyword.
Google Keywords
The Google Keywords Tool, from the Google Adwords site, can suggest related words you could talk about around your main idea.
Board Games
Games like Articulate are great for prompting an elaborate story. It will give your a random idea. Then …