Use your hands for body language in public speaking

Body language is about individual elements, and the whole look. 

Hands are an important part of body language. 

Incorrect hand gestures impact on the message and image of a speaker. Gestures can be distracting, confusing, exhausting, anxious, and repetitive.

This blogger previously fidgeted when nervous, or dramatically waved arms when speaking. 

Other worrying trends in other people include hands behind the back, on hips, clasped, or holding something. There's also the infamous repetitive gesture, used by one speaker in every speech.  

There are easy alternatives which will make the speech look more relaxed and convincing.   

Hands should be kept at either side of the speaker. Arms should be relaxed on the side.  

This should be mixed with hand gestures. The point or message will be illustrated by these gestures.

Be deliberate with how your use your hands in speeches. Make your gestures meaningful.


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