5 Lessons in Leadership

Here are 5 lessons I have learned in leadership:

1. Ask for help.

You're not an island. You're a person. Remember the difference. Leaders are limited flawed human beings. They need help. How many people does it take to change a lightbulb? As many as possible!

Get a second opinion on what you're doing. You don't have to do what your friends say, but it's guidance in an optional direction.

Mentorship is important because you can learn from the experiences of others. Definitely do your own thing. But there is no reason to reinvent the wheel, or find your way in the dark.

2. Do the little things.

Stop being a princess, on a high horse. Do the little things that will achieve your vision. Amongst all the strategising and delegating, there has to be some action.

Sure, you can entrust other people with some work. But if you don't check the little things are getting done, then needed details can slip through the cracks.

The best way to ensure action is with a hands on approach. Know the product your team sells. Know the purpose your team aims towards. Know what is being done to achieve these goals.

3. Be everywhere.

Don't listen to those people who tell you to slow down. Don't hide away in the corner.

Why miss an opportunity you could have accepted? There are people to meet, places to see.

Get involved with everyone and everything. You never know what opportunities will present themselves.

4. Try something new.

Leadership should be innovative. Adapt to the times, allowing people to adapt with you.

This could be social trends, new technologies, or a new style. People like variety.

There is a place for tradition, but don't rely on it. If something works, keep it. If it doesn't, change it.

5. Learn from experience.

It's a balance. Leaders definitely need persistence at what they believe in. But if experience shows a particular result, look at reaching the same goal through new ways.


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