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Gary Wilson Writing Online About Toastmasters

Gary Wilson, my grandfather who has enjoyed public speaking for decades, has written about Toastmasters in the mainstream media and online. District 70 Toastmasters is the NSW/ACT part of Toastmasters International.   Here are some links and quotes: As I Was Saying...  Written by Mark Ragg for the Sydney Morning Herald, re-published by Clap. Comment to the Sydney Morning Herald in 2007 Presenting evils There was much truth about the evils of PowerPoint in your article. In Toastmasters, we help people conquer fears of public speaking and turn themselves into polished presenters. And we constantly teach that a combination of passion, good content, well - honed delivery skills and practice is the key to making an effective presentation, not any associated visuals. Experienced presenters, such as Allan Pease, have the ability to use PowerPoint to enhance their presentations. But more than 99 per cent of people have had no formal training in public speaking, giving truth to