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Elizabeth Wilson OAM features in Parramatta Sun Newspaper

Toastmaster Elizabeth Leigh Wilson OAM was featured in the   Parramatta Sun   for her recent Medal of the Order of Australia, which was announced on Australia Day 2016.  Fairfax journalist Flora Cauchi wrote an insightful piece about Elizabeth. This article was published in the 27th January 2016 edition of the Parramatta Sun.    Elizabeth was photographed by Fairfax at home in her favourite arm chair. Photographers included  Gene Ramirez and Isabella Lettini. Cauchi wrote about Elizabeth's early membership, teaching career, cancer, her husband Gary's OAM, and the progress of women in Toastmasters.   Elizabeth was delighted to have spoken with Fairfax about her surprising award.  Click here for the full story. 

Elizabeth Leigh Wilson awarded with OAM

Elizabeth Wilson awarded with the Medal of the Order of Australia Picture: Elizabeth with family at her mother's 100th birthday in 2015. Image: Elizabeth with family at husband's investiture in 2014. Elizabeth Leigh Wilson became a recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day 2016 Honours List.  Both Elizabeth and husband Gary hold this award for service to Toastmasters. Elizabeth was has been serving the community long before Toastmasters. She joined Toastmistresses in 1967, an organisation for women before females were allowed in Toastmasters.  Pictured: Elizabeth, appearing on the left and known at the time as Leigh. The date is estimated around 1972-1975. This is the Charter Meeting for the Holroyd Toastmistresses Club. Image provided by Margaret Kravchenko . She was interviewed on television in 1976 to publicise Toastmistresses for the women of Australia. The interview is now available o

Kardashian Social Media Techniques

It's no secret that the Kardashians are strategic with their social media. They implement publicly visible tactics, which everyone can learn from. 1. They share something, but not everything. The Kardashians are known to reveal almost any detail of their lives. Recent content by Khloe include the gym , and posing for the joy of it. So they let people into the parts of their lives which could feel comfortable and relatable. Yet they don't over-share. They will not publish every single bowl of cereal. It's about selectivity. 2. They balance branding with personal life All the public Kardashian family members have personal public Facebook pages. These are about them as individuals. Brands might get a mention, but they do not dominate the entire page. There may be plenty of product placement within Kardashian personal posts. Although other posts are simply about their own identities. Kourtney Kardashian recently posted pictures of herself in blue jeans. The pos

North West Wins the Google Game

North West is now dominating Google more than the meaning of her name. This beautiful toddler is the daughter of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West. She is also redefining the meaning of this upwardly mobile direction.   She recently told the paparazzi, "I said no pictures," as seen on The Hollywood Fix . Yet chances are North will take every step of her life in front of cameras. So she typically handles it pretty well.  It can't be easy, living life's most casual moments, in front of audiences of millions. Yet there must be a few perks.   Product placement is already a part of her designer life. North is wearing plenty of glamorous famous fashion labels. She is either fashion forward, or a human billboard.   Life as a Kardashian toddler is also the networking opportunity like no other. North West famously sat near Anna Wintour at New York Fashion Week , according to Entertainment Tonight. So search for the iconic Vogue magazine, and you might fin