Kardashian Social Media Techniques

It's no secret that the Kardashians are strategic with their social media. They implement publicly visible tactics, which everyone can learn from.

1. They share something, but not everything.

The Kardashians are known to reveal almost any detail of their lives. Recent content by Khloe include the gym, and posing for the joy of it. So they let people into the parts of their lives which could feel comfortable and relatable.

Yet they don't over-share. They will not publish every single bowl of cereal. It's about selectivity.

2. They balance branding with personal life

All the public Kardashian family members have personal public Facebook pages. These are about them as individuals. Brands might get a mention, but they do not dominate the entire page.

There may be plenty of product placement within Kardashian personal posts. Although other posts are simply about their own identities.

Kourtney Kardashian recently posted pictures of herself in blue jeans. The post did not mention a brand. It was about her own personal style and everyday life.

Not everything is a 'push' advertisement. Audiences are more willing to listen when celebrities mention more than just the brands they are obliged to sell. It appears more genuine.

3. Healthy living is encouraged

Most Kardashians have posted gym photos at some point. Khloe at times went for a trucker cap and hoop earrings in the weights room.

It's ok to post everyday content which reflects healthy lifestyle habits. Occasional references to regular life can be relatable. And it sets a good example for those audiences who are looking for role models.

4. Their families are guest stars in social media

North West was 'viral' in the online world from birth. With a mother like Kim Kardashian West, it's almost expected that this girl would show off fake fur jackets and other funky fashion.

Social media should not be a one man (or woman) show. In other words, a news feed should not just be filled with one face. Family and other loved ones can show the world that an individual has a balanced life.

5. Branded pages are focused and targeted

There is more than just a 'Kardashian' brand page. The Kardashians rightly target separate communications for different purposes.  

Every brand has a unique target market. Some of the Kardashian brands are focused on makeup, clothes, hair care, and more. Then the brands are further segmented into handbags, accessories, and other specific product categories.

Lip Kit by Kylie has a separate Facebook page. She is younger and potentially targeted towards younger fans. The product is for women who are interested in makeup, instead of other fans who may only want clothing.

The targeted branding lesson, from the Kardashians, is to segment separate brands and products. It's easy on social media to create extra pages for separate purposes.

6. Layouts are utilised in social networking images

A layout can be a single image made up in a sort of collage. A single image can be uploaded onto normal social media sites. The image can be created from a layout with the help of apps, web sites, and programs.

The Instagram Layout app is one of the many options the Kardashians could be using to create their beautiful layout posts.

Kylie Jenner regularly uses this technique. She posted imagery of herself besides a dog named 'Bambi.' It's a quick way to visually associate with something favourable.

7. Flashbacks add nostalgia and context 

The Kardashians create flashback photos and posts about life memories from years gone by.

Kourtney Kardashian posted an image of herself and sister Kim at Halloween, taken years prior. It conjures up memories, in the audiences' minds, of viewers' own past experiences. It mentally associates the celebrities with memories which can be familiar to the audience.

The Kardashian family carefully publishes occasional throwback material. Most content is current, because social media is a time sensitive 24/7 news cycle. And consumers want something new. But these reality stars share scattered tales from before their success began.

Social Media Lessons from the Kardashians 

The Kardashians are demonstrating important social media techniques. Share some of every day life, but not every little thing. Balance professional branding with personal purposes. Encourage healthy lifestyles. Get family and loved ones involved. Try layouts and other image editing. Post occasional flash backs to images of relevant past life memories. Keep it fun, consistent, and deliberate. Most of all, social media should connect everybody together!


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