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Mixing Traditional Soft Drink into Mineral or Soda Water

Benefits of Mixing Soft Drink into Mineral or Soda Water Flavoured soda can be truly tasty. However, it is clearly not the healthiest option. A tiny bit of soft drink can be mixed into healthier bubbly beverages for more moderated amounts of sweetness. Simply pour the chosen sugary soda into soda water, mineral water or sparkling water. These drinks have refreshing bubbles without as many calories and kilojoules. Mixing coloured flavoured fizzy drinks into sparkling water. Image: From Pixabay and edited by Melanie Suzanne Wilson   Why Add Minimal Soft Drink and Soda to Mostly Sparkling Water It Has Some Flavour Nothing beats that candy coloured beverage that tastes sweet and fun. It brings anyone back to that inner child, who would enjoy treats. Sparkling water can become that same flavour all the time. It needs a slight twist to be more interesting. Small amounts of fizzy drinks can solve just that.   Texture and Feelings of Bubbly Drinks Because both ingred

How I Filled Three Wardrobes

Opportunities from a complete wardrobe addiction. Image: iStock. There comes a time in every woman's life, when she realises she might have a lot of clothes . It is a moment in which the question becomes, "What now?" Some subjectively call such as wardrobe, "Too many." I call it an opportunity.  My epiphany came when I suddenly had filled three closets . That's right. Not the normal one, not an indulgent two, but an abundant three. It started with acquiring that wardrobe space . I share a walk in robe with my  fiancĂ© . More garments squeeze into the built-in closet in the spare room. That same amazing partner contributed an external closet, like the sort that would otherwise take someone to Narnia. Suddenly there were three closets. I was not complaining. It was more just amazement. From having the space then came filling it.  This was easier than it sounded.   Collecting clothes is a joyful hobby. Apparel and accessories appear in all

Public Speakers to Compete in Contests at the Cronulla RSL

Public Speakers to Compete in Contests at the Cronulla RSL Local residents of The Shire will gather at the Cronulla RSL on Thursday 25th August 2016, for free audience entry at a public speaking event. Members of the Cronulla RSL Toastmasters Club will compete with contests for impromptu speaking and also humorous speaking. These annual shows are special events, as winners will progress to compete in further rounds. Successful first place individuals will compete in an area of clubs and potentially a division of the entire south coast.   Visitors will be entertained by hilarious humorous speeches. These funny talks will lighten up the night as everyone starts laughing.   Impromptu speeches will be performed on the spot, in what members call "Table Topics." These are topics anyone could be asked at any table - be it the dinner table or the board table. This is a real life skill for people to think on their feet.  Audience members will gain free experience of

Clothes should be comfortable

Clothes should be comfortable at all sizes  It is time to get past the trend of tight clothing and switch to actually comfortable clothing.  Wardrobe items have became far too uncomfortable. It is time to get comfy in quirky flattering outfits. Women should not have to squeeze into something figure hugging. High neck lines should not reach all the way to shoulder height. After all this innovation, after so many years of adaptation, surely ladies everywhere could be afforded the luxury of clothing that fits comfortably.   This top  below, for example, can be either worn open or tied up. It is loose and flowing enough for anyone to adapt it to a unique body shape. The top has freedom. It has plenty of space in the arms. This is how clothes should be. Skin tight apparel would be alright if it felt comfortable. But relaxed silhouettes are exactly what many consumers need.  Practical changes can be made for many clothes to feel more suited to the individuals who wear them. N

Aussies Should Have Done the Census Sooner

Many Australians were rushing on Census night to fill their forms. Others of us simply did it early.  That's right. The site was available the day before and possibly earlier. Users were able to log in and complete all the information prior to the official Census Day. So then why were so many participants procrastinating? What happened to the old value of being early 'just in case' something happens?   Some of us had prior plans for the night. It would have been rushed after a long day of bookings. Flexible submission times saved those with a full schedule.  Be early. Complete it in advance. Do what we were taught our whole lives.       

Not Everything is Online says Kim Kardashian

Not everything is online, says Kim Kardashian West There is an assumption that something is only real if it appeared online. Kim Kardashian West busted this myth. She spoke about privacy during a keynote interview at a recent BlogHer conference. KKW claims to only share approximately 85% of her actual life. Reality is starting to be experienced through an online converged world. This is warping perception of what is certain. Apparently things did not only happen if they were on Instagram. A story now has to be told on a blog or at least Facebook. Yet there is always a part of life that has to stay private. Two parts of KKW's life are particularly private her children stay in the other room when she is filming. And her marriage also has more privacy from the outside world. People's dependence on social media became apparent when KKW didn't often show her second child online. It is definitely understandable to keep family out of the public sphere. And it gives a lesson