Not Everything is Online says Kim Kardashian

Not everything is online, says Kim Kardashian West

There is an assumption that something is only real if it appeared online. Kim Kardashian West busted this myth. She spoke about privacy during a keynote interview at a recent BlogHer conference. KKW claims to only share approximately 85% of her actual life.

Reality is starting to be experienced through an online converged world. This is warping perception of what is certain. Apparently things did not only happen if they were on Instagram. A story now has to be told on a blog or at least Facebook. Yet there is always a part of life that has to stay private.

Two parts of KKW's life are particularly private her children stay in the other room when she is filming. And her marriage also has more privacy from the outside world. People's dependence on social media became apparent when KKW didn't often show her second child online. It is definitely understandable to keep family out of the public sphere. And it gives a lesson to everyone.

Not everybody posts online. And not everything that happens is on social media. My recent experience on the weekend is a fine example. It was not shared online, but that does not mean it was any less important. I just wanted something so personal to be quiet. I had a great fun shopping trip with a friend on the weekend. However, I was suffering from chronic headaches and wanted to be comfortable. The weather was also grey with rain. None of that was a decent backdrop for selfies. I wanted to hide away and be happy.

Nobody should assume that something only happened if it is publicised. Even the most prolific social media users have boundaries. Do not think somebody is feeling happy simply because the good bits are featured online. Do not stereotype somebody's life as perfect 24/7, be it KKW or friends, simply because of blogs. Enjoy what you read. Then take it with a grain of salt.


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