Mixing Traditional Soft Drink into Mineral or Soda Water

Benefits of Mixing Soft Drink into Mineral or Soda Water

Flavoured soda can be truly tasty. However, it is clearly not the healthiest option. A tiny bit of soft drink can be mixed into healthier bubbly beverages for more moderated amounts of sweetness. Simply pour the chosen sugary soda into soda water, mineral water or sparkling water. These drinks have refreshing bubbles without as many calories and kilojoules.

Mixing coloured flavoured fizzy drinks into sparkling water.
Image: From Pixabay and edited by Melanie Suzanne Wilson

Why Add Minimal Soft Drink and Soda to Mostly Sparkling Water

It Has Some Flavour

Nothing beats that candy coloured beverage that tastes sweet and fun. It brings anyone back to that inner child, who would enjoy treats. Sparkling water can become that same flavour all the time. It needs a slight twist to be more interesting. Small amounts of fizzy drinks can solve just that.  

Texture and Feelings of Bubbly Drinks

Because both ingredients are carbonated and bubbly, that light airy feeling stays. Other flavours can be added to plain carbonated drinks, such as fruit juice, but they do not keep the bubbly feel.  

Less Calories Equal More Fun

Diluting pop fizzy drinks, with lots of sparkly water, can be one of the healthiest ways to still enjoy these originally sugary beverages. The kilojoule count can go right down in a very natural way.

It Doesn't Need Artificial Sweetener

Many people are swapping sugar for artificial sweeteners. This is not necessarily healthy. Sweeteners are unnatural chemicals that lots of consumers do not feel comfortable with. Soda water or mineral water can be slightly more pure ways to lighten a drink, without all the additives.

Make Your Own Flavoured Mineral Water Now

Anyone can make their own flavoured mineral water, by including minimal amounts of sugary soft drink or soda. There might be some calories, but not nearly as much as a straight cola or fake fruit beverage. Try it now during the transitional warmer seasons.

Mixed bubbly sodas are refreshing in warmer weather.
Image: From Pixabay and edited by Melanie Suzanne Wilson


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