Clothes should be comfortable

Clothes should be comfortable at all sizes 

It is time to get past the trend of tight clothing and switch to actually comfortable clothing. 

Wardrobe items have became far too uncomfortable. It is time to get comfy in quirky flattering outfits. Women should not have to squeeze into something figure hugging. High neck lines should not reach all the way to shoulder height. After all this innovation, after so many years of adaptation, surely ladies everywhere could be afforded the luxury of clothing that fits comfortably.  

This top below, for example, can be either worn open or tied up. It is loose and flowing enough for anyone to adapt it to a unique body shape. The top has freedom. It has plenty of space in the arms. This is how clothes should be. Skin tight apparel would be alright if it felt comfortable. But relaxed silhouettes are exactly what many consumers need. 
Practical changes can be made for many clothes to feel more suited to the individuals who wear them. Not everything has to be fastened with a zipper. A line mini skirts allow more room than straight pencil skirts. Sweater dresses shouldn't stretch when conforming to real bodies. There are so many ways in which wardrobes should be filled with more practical pretty pieces.  

The moral of the story is to shop selectively. Do not settle for something that almost fits. There is always a way to adapt pieces for individual needs. Hourglass Apparel is one of the efforts to select truly versatile styles for most shapes and sizes. Change is coming. Positive body image is on the rise.


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