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Amanda De Cadenet says Love Yourself

Amanda De Cadenet is doing something inspirational in February. She is shifting our focus in the lead-up to Valentines Day. She is reminding us of something I recently learned: love yourself. People are too critical of themselves. We always want to look better, or do more. But how often do we congratulate ourselves for what we have done so far? I definitely see the qualities in others more than myself. Service in itself is a good thing. But what is the cost to yourself? The word 'no' is not in my vocabulary at all. I keep saying yes to every commitment. I keep going until there is nothing left. No time, no energy, no enthusiasm. Everyone needs balance. By all means, help others. But help yourself too.   That's why I do my own Sabbath. Not in a Jewish kind of way. But I always need a day of me-time. Loving yourself means not just recognising strengths, but rewarding yourself too. And that's why we are given weekends.