Bio of Melanie Suzanne Wilson

What is "What Mel Wants?"  

What Mel Wants is the personal blog by marketer Melanie Suzanne Wilson. The blog has been evolving since January 2012.


Melanie graduated from a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Marketing) from the Parramatta campus of the Western Sydney University. She enjoyed electives in humanities, sociology, and retail. Melanie currently studies communication as a postgraduate.

Early Graduate Marketing Work 

Melanie did an exciting temporary internship for various brands Nad's, Puraskin and Nitwits at the head office of Sue Ismiel and Daughters in North Western Sydney. She practiced blogging and targeted research/communications for the anti-lice brand Nitwits. She also worked for the Australian favourite Nad's where she wrote blog posts, practiced a press release, completed a PR packet. She assisted with the newly released product of Nose Wax, and assisted the filming of a television advertisement.

Melanie contributed to the following school newsletters as the Student Services Officer at Macquarie Grammar SchoolAugust 2013September 2013October 2013, January 2014.

Later Marketing Experience 

Five years of marketing experience brought Melanie Suzanne Wilson into diverse industry skills.

She refined techniques on Adobe Illustrator and Joomla at Global Sustainable Energy Solutions.

Her social media management and brand/product management grew the online presence of TerraPages at Lisasoft, now known as Jirotech. These professional corporate experiences gave

Melanie insight into content creation, strategic marketing, graphic design and web/social media management.

Public Speaking and Toastmasters 

Melanie Suzanne Wilson completed a Speechcraft course in 2008. She visited clubs in 2010, and joined Toastmasters International in 2011.

She is a member of the Parramatta Toastmasters Club with her grandparents Elizabeth Wilson OAM and Gary Wilson OAM.

Melanie achieved her Advanced Communicator Bronze award, for completing 10 Competent Communicator speeches, then 5 advanced informative speeches, and 5 advanced special occasion speeches. Melanie now speaks at a variety of organisations.

Independent Public Speaking

Melanie Suzanne Wilson now now offers informative and motivational speeches for audiences of any size. She speaks to communities and corporate groups about marketing strategies, digital communications and public speaking.


Melanie Suzanne Wilson can be found on most major social networking sites on the net. Click here for the blog post which lists Melanie's online presence.


Melanie Suzanne Wilson enjoys networking with individuals who make a difference in the world.

Melanie attended filming of The Gruen Transfer to be enriched by the wise words of Todd Sampson, Russel Howcroft, and Dee Madigan.

Years later, she was delighted to meet the very honest Jane Caro.

Melanie also mingles in networking events, particularly for the communications and fashion industries.

New Independent Projects 

Melanie Suzanne Wilson passionately enjoys projects which involve web sites and social media. is the official web site for Melanie Suzanne Wilson. This site features news on Melanie's work in consulting, content and clothing. It also includes comprehensive biographical information.

What Mel Knows is a blog about communications techniques. It covers knowledge on public speaking, journalism, marketing, public relations, graphic design, social media, digital campaigns and multi platform publishing.

Hourglass Apparel is Melanie's Australian online retail fashion outlet. She was purchasing clothing directly online for herself over several years. Then it was time to start sharing these fashion finds with her readers.

Melanie has been addicted to clothes for over 6 years. This resulted in 3 closets, a set of draws and many boxes. This shopaholic knows how to find the creative classic items with a real twist. Check out her online store to see anything out of the ordinary.


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