More at the Gold Coast than Theme Parks

There is More to Explore at the Gold Coast than Theme Parks

My husband and I booked our honeymoon months in advance. We wanted a nice long stay at the Gold Coast. I wanted more than rides at theme parks. After research and then experience, I can now share some attractions everyone should enjoy.

I was never enthusiastic about theme parks, because extreme rides have always frightened me. I typically got through other theme park visits with one favoured activity - minding the bags. As friends whirled around on rides, I enjoyed opportunities to calmly sip a coffee and look at social media on my phone.

Perhaps there are other ways to slow down and still have fun. So we chose to experience Queensland beyond what was already known. This was the goal.

The result has been exciting experiences at amazing attractions. Here are some key attractions we have experienced so far.

Skypoint Observation Deck

We took an elevator all the way to the 77th floor. 60 degree windows provided clear views of the city, beaches and surrounding landscapes. Skypoint was a spectacular way to see everything at once.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

This vast bushland attraction kept us fascinated for the whole day. The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is home to beautiful landscapes, animals and activities. Refreshments were also perfect. I concluded the day by sipping bubbly and reading a good book at the cafe. We were able to relax in the comfort of nature, as lizards and birds roamed around near our feet.

Surfers Paradise River Cruises

We have now been on this particular cruise twice. The first was when we visited in July. I'm pretty sure we will end up visiting again in a while. Views are spectacular and the bar is great value. Their fruit tingle cocktail is delicious. The wind breezed through our hair, as we saw significant buildings along the water.

Tambourine Mountain

Sightseeing and souvenirs abound at Tambourine Mountain. The serene site is around an hour drive from Surfers Paradise. We were delighted with some superb wine, lemoncello, fudge and fashionable accessories. A long main street of small businesses kept us entertained for the entire afternoon.

Beyond the Road Not Taken at the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is still an enjoyable home to diverse holiday activities, far beyond the stereotypes. Do some Googling. Explore beyond the city centre. You never know what brilliant adventures are right around the corner.


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