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Most Precious Currency

The startling truth is that I drafted this blog post a week before the passing of Robin Williams, the world's funniest hero. I am choosing to still publish it anyway, because Robin's passing changed by opinion of the below post.  There is a universal currency which we all have. We all have the same amount, although it might be measured differently. On some days, we want more of it. Other days, we wish it could quickly pass us by. This currency is time. Every day has such a limited amount of it. Each lifetime depends on the luxurious supply of it. Don't take time for granted. It's slipping away. Carefully choose how you use each minute you have on this earth. We all have goals for our time, be it productivity or bucket lists. There are two types of ways to spend time: things we have to do, and things we want to do. Balance is definitely needed between the two. Serve your most profitable commitments. But also find time for the people who make you happy. I struggle e

Generation Why

Gen Y: you are stuck in a rut. And we need to get out of it. Now. Too many people are currently telling you how helpless you are as a generation. You deserve more credit than that. We are growing up in a post-GFC age of struggles and battles. Each of us identifies most with a character from Girls. Maybe those circumstances are what's been handed to us from the world. But let's start demanding more from the world. The SMH pessimistically reminds us that "millenials are pretty good at accepting our lowly prospects and tend not to have particularly high life expectations when it comes to the unattainable." Whose choice is that? Choose to expect more. Gen Y, please don't make me tell you to seize the day again. I keep telling you that again and again. A darling friend modernised the phrase last night, "Just seize the darn day or else!" (that's the tame version).   Sure, we have professional and personal lessons to learn. But so does ever

Celebrating the Past, Creating the Future - Toastmasters District 70 Semi Annual Conference

Toastmasters District 70 will be celebrating the past, and creating the future, at Semi Annual Conference in November. This is the last conference before the district splits into two. We will be reminiscent about the fond memories we all share. We will also create new plans for innovative communities of leaders. Details about this conference can be found at the official District 70 web site .