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Melanie attends Toastmasters Conference in Canberra

Melanie Suzanne Wilson attended the 2015 D70 Toastmasters Conference in Canberra, in November this year. This Semi Annual Conference gathered members from various locations in the ACT and NSW. Many of these members are valuable leaders and mentors.
Melanie appeared in her role of Area 10 Director for four clubs. She is also the Vice President of Public Relations with the Cronulla RSL Toastmasters Club, and Secretary with the Advanced CBD Toastmasters Club.
Clay Halford joined Melanie in his own official capacities, including Contest Toastmaster Host and Area 9 Director. The pair smiled for cameras at the media wall during the lunch and evening events. They thoroughly enjoyed seeing beloved friends from all clubs. 
Melanie Suzanne Wilson always enjoys dressing up for elegant occasions. Events serve her goal of living life to the fullest. Carpe diem. 

Lady Gaga Publicises Her Dog

Lady Gaga has perfected the art of sharing parts of of life with her fans. Her latest focus is Miss Asia Kinney, her dog. Miss Kinney was recently given her own separate Facebook page earlier in 2015. This is a great campaign alongside Gaga's own page.

It personifies her dog in a relatable way. Gaga appears happy and social with something many people enjoy. It shows there is more to Lady Gaga than stages and studios. She looks balanced. This is crucial.

Miss Asia Kinney is personified for a very important reason. Paris Hilton carried small dogs around during a phase which included her television show, A Simple Life. Yet the dogs appeared in the media just as accessories, carried in handbags. They were not known in their own right. They were not understood, hidden from the public's understanding. Whereas Lady Gaga is treating her dog as a character in the narrative story of her public life.

Yet the dog does not delve into a simple casual image for Gaga. The Facebook banner fea…

What Mel Knows

What Mel Knows is the new educational web site by Melanie Suzanne Wilson.   
This freshly created web site will feature regular blog posts about how to create quality digital communications. Melanie Suzanne Wilson has created online campaigns for various commercial and volunteer brands over the past several years. Now, she is sharing her knowledge with the world.   
Categories are already set up on the site, to show audiences what topics are on their way. Every week will see new insights into the techniques of technology.  
Readers can visit for the latest professional news from Melanie Suzanne Wilson.