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Why I Cook More Than Ever

Why I Cook More Than Ever Cooking is more enjoyable than I could have imagined. It is best done during nights at home, when there is more time to spare. This is a matter of health and quality. I enjoy knowing what foods go into my meals, and how I will feel. Portions of Meal Sizes Plenty of reasons exist for the controlled portions, which are achieved through making our own meals. Portion control prevents waste, encourages healthy moderation, and ensures more of the good foods can be enjoyed later.  Controlled Servings Avoid Waste Home cooking is a way to control serving sizes. It saves that feeling, when eating out, having to leave food untouched and wasted. I do still enjoy eating out. However, there is a feeling of pressure to finish everything that is on the plate. People often push themselves even when feeling full. When not eating out, some homemade sensible portions are awesome. Store Convenient Leftovers for Later Leftovers are a matter of enjoying further benefi

Rules of Engagement

My engagement is a blessing and the most important thing in my life. However, it is not the only thing that takes up time in my days. Couples have the right to spend hours preparing for months. We, as the bridal couple, have a right to life balance when we can do the things we enjoy doing together - work, self publishing, hobbies and pub visits with mates. We treasure our upcoming wedding, but do not revolve around it. With this decision, it is still the most important thing in our lives. But not the only part of our lives. Past Events Experiences Influence Our Special Wedding Wedding planning feels easier for us because we both have past experience with organising events. Toastmasters and other organisations became practice in planning statewide conferences, local themed parties and everything in between. I had three years of involvement with small club celebrations, such as Halloween theme complete with themed catering. It showed me the requirements of practical foods with a

I Will Not Diet Before My Wedding

I Am Not Strictly Dieting In Preparation for My Wedding Be comfortable instead of skinny. Image: iStock I will gladly eat what I want in the lead up to my wedding. All foods will be in healthy. But I do not feel the need to strictly plan extreme weight loss. The wedding is about my relationship, not my body. This should not even be a question. Pre-wedding dieting is encouraged by many lifestyle leaders, from women's magazines to Martha Stewart. Everyone should feel beautiful on a wedding day. But it should be because of healthy balance instead of pressure to fit an image. Weddings Are About Relationships (duh) My wedding is about my relationship. It feels like the most obvious statement in the world. Of course a wedding is about the relationship. We decided to get married because we want to express our commitment in an official celebration.  We were addicted to each other within weeks of being together. We agree on the big decisions on life, and compromise on o

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Follow Melanie's Blogs on Bloglovin' Melanie Suzanne Wilson is the creator of multiple blogs, as part of her communications projects. All of Melanie's blogs can be followed on Bloglovin' for convenience. Melanie's Blogs:  Blogs about new ways of living and working. Image: Getty/iStock What Mel Knows This industry insight blog explains communciations strategies to new users. Shake Up Your Style Melanie's own fashion and lifestyle blog features general advice for creative outfits. Fresh Fashion The Fresh Fashion is the voice of new design. Melanie speaks with fashion designers who are emerging in the industry. Learn With Your Community An focus was on education news for this blog, with contributions from Mengyu Chan.    Follow my blog with Bloglovin