I Will Not Diet Before My Wedding

I Am Not Strictly Dieting In Preparation for My Wedding

Be comfortable instead of skinny. Image: iStock
I will gladly eat what I want in the lead up to my wedding. All foods will be in healthy. But I do not feel the need to strictly plan extreme weight loss. The wedding is about my relationship, not my body.

This should not even be a question. Pre-wedding dieting is encouraged by many lifestyle leaders, from women's magazines to Martha Stewart. Everyone should feel beautiful on a wedding day. But it should be because of healthy balance instead of pressure to fit an image.

Weddings Are About Relationships (duh)

My wedding is about my relationship. It feels like the most obvious statement in the world. Of course a wedding is about the relationship. We decided to get married because we want to express our commitment in an official celebration. 

We were addicted to each other within weeks of being together. We agree on the big decisions on life, and compromise on our contrasting approaches to achieving those goals. We make each other happy. 

We want to celebrate this great joyful love. This love of course will be forever, because it's the only thing that makes sense to us. That's what our wedding is about.  

Essentially, our wedding is not about a version of me besides the 'me' that my partner fell in love with. He loves me how I am. I do not want to look like a completely different person on the day. There will be no 'contoured' makeup. I will still be me.  

Old Fashioned Lifestyle

I might want to go for more walks or jogs, maybe a few in a week, for health and endorphins. A few less chocolates and biscuits could do my skin as much good as my hips. But these are common sense lifestyle habits. 

My tall frame has reached an Australian size 14-16. This is a bit more than I could be. It is also not life threatening. I am consuming smaller portions of meals already. And walking around is a happily normal part of my day. 

My food philosophy comes back to old fashioned values. A few generations ago, people didn't have as much concern about weight problems. Why? They cooked their own food. It was not a diet-program-approved sugar-free fat-free celebrity-endorsed meal. It was plain simple real food. And these meals were in moderation. Serving sizes were much smaller in the past than they are now. 

Brides should relax and not panic over fitting into sizes. Image: iStock

My Wedding is Not About My Body

It is not about how pretty I will look in a dress. I feel proud of the creatively customised dress I will wear. But beauty is subjective and everyone will have an opinion on what I chose to wear. I take joy in knowing the interesting materials that will go into this great garment, but it will not define me as a person. It is an external work of art, which I will wear for a matter of hours. 

The wedding is not about my hair. Now this one seems smaller, but real. Those who really enjoy bridal beauty could engage in deep debate about hair styles. I am not that type. The weather could be warm for my wedding, so I am thinking of maybe having it done up. But I will not colour or dramatically cut my hair. My hair will be a tidy version of what it always is.

Enjoy the Special Day

So with all these options, why on earth would someone panic over weight and appearance for the special day? There are so many other things to organise. Looks would only add to an already long list. Engaged couples often need to consider details of flowers, cake, seating plans and the list goes on. A happy couple should have the opportunity to have everything organised, and then focus on enjoying the special time. 

My wedding is not about how I look. My wedding is about my relationship.

Weddings are about loving relationships, not appearances. Image: iStock


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