Rules of Engagement

My engagement is a blessing and the most important thing in my life. However, it is not the only thing that takes up time in my days. Couples have the right to spend hours preparing for months. We, as the bridal couple, have a right to life balance when we can do the things we enjoy doing together - work, self publishing, hobbies and pub visits with mates. We treasure our upcoming wedding, but do not revolve around it. With this decision, it is still the most important thing in our lives. But not the only part of our lives.

Past Events Experiences Influence Our Special Wedding

Wedding planning feels easier for us because we both have past experience with organising events. Toastmasters and other organisations became practice in planning statewide conferences, local themed parties and everything in between. I had three years of involvement with small club celebrations, such as Halloween theme complete with themed catering. It showed me the requirements of practical foods with adjustments for dietary requirements. Then the past three years included large scale events and conferences. We worked on a Toastmasters district conference, which brought together people from two states of Australia. That is quite similar to inviting wedding guests from diverse locations. We understand how to inform people through communications, then register their attendance in advance. Wedding invitations now take many forms - some people are online but have unpredictable postal services, meanwhile others are offline only and may post an RSVP. There are many aspects to consider when organising a wedding. Community events gave us an abundance of knowledge, to now use in preparing for the most important day of our lives. Event planning is, at this point, second nature to us. The wedding's importance is respected even more as we handle it with ease. It is more enjoyable because we do not have to worry - we can choose to relax.

We have also attended weddings and talked openly with organisers. Inspiration is drawn from other past and future weddings. I have seen everything from a formal wedding interstate, to a more casual wedding in a farm cottage. Lots of our friends are also engaged with weddings planned shortly after ours. They remind us about how much freedom we have, as it is our day. Naturally, these couples have swapped ideas about the levels of formality, invitation lists, family dynamics and everything else which goes into a wedding. Our wedding will be our day, our way. It is sufficiently ready quite a while before the big day. So now we can relax and enjoy each other.  

We Enjoy Work and Leisure Together

My relationship with Clay is supported by mutual shared interests. Our wedding is certainly something with a set schedule. We scattered tasks throughout the year, to do small bits at a time and get it all done. It is not rushed, it is relaxed. That was a great way for us to enjoy everything else we also care about. There is just as much time to enjoy these jobs and hobbies now, during the lead up to our wedding. Travel is a great joy for us. New South Wales is so vast, that we are always discovering new destinations within our own state. Friends are still super important to us. We always fit time in the day for precious time with loved ones, be it mates and family. Self publishing is currently my favourite way to spend time. It is on that blurred line between work and pleasure. I write content for my themed blogs, such as my communications skills blog and the fashion blogs. I also write and design for my online store. This blog, What Mel Wants, is a perfect way to reveal just enough about myself. We are also still happily employed. I feel blessed to have work which allows for life balance. Many joyful activities take up our time. We certainly do look forward to our wedding with excitement. We are also still living life before and after the great celebration.

The Show Must Go On

Our wedding is an event which must be organised. It is not planned enough, for us to balance preparations with other passions of life. There is time in the day for friends, family, travel, home relaxation, employed work, independent projects and new activities. I feel great excitement about my upcoming nuptials. The wait feels soon and distant all at the same time. However the time is perceived, it will be enjoyed with all the colours of my life.


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