Why I Cook More Than Ever

Why I Cook More Than Ever

Cooking is more enjoyable than I could have imagined. It is best done during nights at home, when there is more time to spare. This is a matter of health and quality. I enjoy knowing what foods go into my meals, and how I will feel.

Portions of Meal Sizes

Plenty of reasons exist for the controlled portions, which are achieved through making our own meals. Portion control prevents waste, encourages healthy moderation, and ensures more of the good foods can be enjoyed later. 

Controlled Servings Avoid Waste

Home cooking is a way to control serving sizes. It saves that feeling, when eating out, having to leave food untouched and wasted. I do still enjoy eating out. However, there is a feeling of pressure to finish everything that is on the plate. People often push themselves even when feeling full. When not eating out, some homemade sensible portions are awesome.

Store Convenient Leftovers for Later

Leftovers are a matter of enjoying further benefits and avoiding waste. I recently attended a cooking class. The class made a massive roast. Even after we ate some for lunch, extra spare food was inevitable. The meat would be perfect fillings for a sandwich the next day. Everyone should try making a toasted sandwich with rosemary roast lamb and ketchup tomato sauce. It is down to earth and yummy. Why throw away something that can serve another purpose? Repurposing is often easier when keeping things in containers at home.

Indulge in Healthy Moderation

Portion control is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy weight, when accompanied with other diet and exercise strategies. Plates are bigger than ever. People are tempted to pile more onto dishes, in the name of 'value.' We can enjoy our favourite foods in moderation, not in excess.

Desserts are examples of delights which are enjoyed in bite sizes. My smallest serves of ice cream are the thin scoops I allow myself to enjoy. Treats are better served in a small glass instead of a bowl. Chances are there will be much less space, therefore less temptation to eat too much.

Easy Recipes Any Time

My favourite meals are easily made and relatively unprocessed. Food preparation should not be a tedious chore at home. Quality food should liberate us to live healthier lives. Easy meals can be quick solutions without slaving away in the kitchen for hours.

Access to Quality Food All Day

Not all of us live near 24/7 shops, with pre-prepared meals. Or sometimes people are simply not in the mood to go shopping at a particular time. There is great freedom in having already made delicious dishes, conveniently kept in the fridge.


Some of the easiest foods have been Googled and then customised. There are many references online about a 3 Ingredients Pineapple Cake. Anyone can simply mix a can of crushed pineapple, 2 cups of self raising flour and 1 cup of caster sugar. Just stir it with a spoon and get it into the oven. But this staple is one of my favourites to customise. I might mix in some sultanas, chocolate chips or berries. It is still easy, but with a simple twist.

Try New Easy Cooking Now

Here is a challenge. Everyone should have a go at preparing different dishes, when time is available. Start slowly with something achievable. Those with families can create tasty treats for the whole clan. Single individuals can bring spare servings to work or social groups, so more mates can enjoy those foodie creations.

Cooking has more benefits than ever imagined. Image: Pixabay


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