My Relationship Goals

My Relationship Goals as a Newlywed Wife Goals can help in ensuring we actually do actions that will strengthen our lives. I am setting relationship goals, that will enhance my marriage in the context of my diverse fulfilling life. Take note, I am not a psychologist. My background is in business marketing and journalism. Although I can reflect on personal experience, to see what works for me. Continue Independent Projects I enjoy delving into creative autonomous projects. It could be about dedicating some time on my blogs or online store. There is great freedom in doing something I have control over. These projects definitely will continue during my married life. Not only is it important to me, it is also something my husband encourages. We were both originally attracted to each other's abilities as much as our personalities. Personal projects can be either hectic or calm. I might be rushing to a deadline on a publication or campaign for someone else. Some of my own di

Why I Have Two Surnames As a Married Woman

Why I Have Two Surnames As a Married Woman Melanie Suzanne Wilson After marrying in February 2017, I publicly  kept my maiden name  and also legally  gained my married surname . That's right. I chose to have  two surnames . And no, I did not draw inspiration from celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and BeyoncĂ© Giselle Knowles-Carter. This was a clear decision based on what works for my life. Past and Present Identities Combined I feel quite happy now with  two identities . I am publicly keeping my  'personal brand'  of  Melanie Suzanne Wilson , which is also my legal birth full name. It is what people know me as. That simply feels right. My  married name  will be used in legal purposes when possible. So in  private  situations and when filling in forms, I am happily Melanie Suzanne Wilson Halford. The last two words will be a surname. I want to feel connected to my new life through a shared name. Both identities reflect who I am in personal and professio

More at the Gold Coast than Theme Parks

There is More to Explore at the Gold Coast than Theme Parks My husband and I booked our honeymoon months in advance. We wanted a nice long stay at the Gold Coast. I wanted more than rides at theme parks. After research and then experience, I can now share some attractions everyone should enjoy. I was never enthusiastic about theme parks, because extreme rides have always frightened me. I typically got through other theme park visits with one favoured activity - minding the bags. As friends whirled around on rides, I enjoyed opportunities to calmly sip a coffee and look at social media on my phone. Perhaps there are other ways to slow down and still have fun. So we chose to experience Queensland beyond what was already known. This was the goal. The result has been exciting experiences at amazing attractions. Here are some key attractions we have experienced so far. Skypoint Observation Deck We took an elevator all the way to the 77th floor. 60 degree windows provided clear

Why Being 27 is More Fun than Being 21

Late Twenties Are Happier Than The Early Twenties Life is an adventure - especially at scenic places like Wollongong. I am glad to be 27. Late twenties are a much better age than the early twenties. Life seems easier and more manageable in the late twenties. Here are some reasons why: College graduation was more than a few years ago More career opportunities can exist, for someone who graduated from university more than a few years ago. There is less image of professional and personal naiveté. A stereotype does not appear as often in conversations that have a corporate context. I completed my bachelors degree in mid-2012, with a September graduation ceremony. The first year or two were difficult, because people made assumptions about my abilities. I had already worked in an office for 9 months during my undergrad days. Yet people sometimes assumed that I was only close to starting my 'first real job' after I 'finished uni.' That last part is in inverted

Craving Community in a Digital World

Craving Community as a Millenial A real sense of community is needed more than ever. The digital world can coexist with face-to-face interactive community experiences. Local group events are needed for true connection with fellow human beings. Digital tech and social media can facilitate in-person communities. Digital and in-person experiences do not have to be an either-or. Social media is not in itself a bad thing. The way we use this technology can be helpful or harmful. The popularity of social media is clearly evident. It can either be seen as a threat or an opportunity. Facebook had " 1.18 billion daily active users on average for September 2016". Twitter claims to have 313 million monthly active users. Instagram recorded 600 million active users in December 2016, with an increase of 100 million in the 6 months prior. Social media is growing. It should be augmented with existing life, not contained as a world of its own. Digital environments and local

Look For Hope Beyond 2016 into 2017

Looking for Hope After the Losses of 2016 2016 was a difficult year. There were public and personal losses around the world. Many celebrities left us , alongside close loved ones.We must have hope for the future. We need to start 2017 by remembering past people, and looking forward to new experiences. 2016 is a time of grief. Yet there must be more in our days, our lives, than grief. Personal Loss Loss was a theme again and again in 2016. I personally saw the passing of a 100 year old paternal great grandmother Madge Fountain earlier in the year, then a maternal grandma Marjorie Collins. Grandma Marj had suffered for a long time with dementia. Her downfall occurred quickly over less than half a day. She was a surprise before Christmas, alongside other tragic holiday events. Madge Fountain at her 100th birthday in 2015, before passing away in 2016.  Marjorie Collins at the Beecroft Nursing Home in 2014, before passing away in 2016. Celebrities who Passed Away

Self Publishing is a Blessing

Self Publishing is a Blessing of Freedom Convenient Communication My messages are more easily brought across through open convenient communication. Self-published blogging is the quickest easiest way to share a candid opinion. Quantity and Frequency So many opportunities exist to say more and more, when sharing your own publications. You choose the pace. Your schedule is followed. Flexibility is possible. You could publish one article on a particular day, then three articles on the next day. The quantity is at a pace that can be managed. Targeted Niche Audiences Each of my web sites caters to a different audience. Separate sites exist for communication skills, lifestyle, design and personal life. These digital publications all serve different purposes. Relating Ideas to My Life Digital self-publishing provides opportunities to relate known concepts with my own life experiences. We all have unique experiences, that can be of benefit to other people. My own web site