Self Publishing is a Blessing

Self Publishing is a Blessing of Freedom

Convenient Communication

My messages are more easily brought across through open convenient communication. Self-published blogging is the quickest easiest way to share a candid opinion.

Quantity and Frequency

So many opportunities exist to say more and more, when sharing your own publications. You choose the pace. Your schedule is followed. Flexibility is possible. You could publish one article on a particular day, then three articles on the next day. The quantity is at a pace that can be managed.

Targeted Niche Audiences

Each of my web sites caters to a different audience. Separate sites exist for communication skills, lifestyle, design and personal life. These digital publications all serve different purposes.

Relating Ideas to My Life

Digital self-publishing provides opportunities to relate known concepts with my own life experiences. We all have unique experiences, that can be of benefit to other people. My own web sites are the best ways to explore my experiences in lifestyle and communications.


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