Why Being 27 is More Fun than Being 21

Late Twenties Are Happier Than The Early Twenties

Life is an adventure - especially at scenic places like Wollongong.
I am glad to be 27. Late twenties are a much better age than the early twenties. Life seems easier and more manageable in the late twenties. Here are some reasons why:

College graduation was more than a few years ago

More career opportunities can exist, for someone who graduated from university more than a few years ago. There is less image of professional and personal naiveté. A stereotype does not appear as often in conversations that have a corporate context.

I completed my bachelors degree in mid-2012, with a September graduation ceremony. The first year or two were difficult, because people made assumptions about my abilities. I had already worked in an office for 9 months during my undergrad days. Yet people sometimes assumed that I was only close to starting my 'first real job' after I 'finished uni.' That last part is in inverted commas, because I went back for courses like grad school anyway.

Now, at 27, the days as a 'recent graduate' are behind me. I can now say that I have more than 4 years of professional experience since graduation from my Bachelor of Business, majoring in marketing. Four years are enough to establish a proper professional reputation.

Wisdom from age and yet youthful adventurousness

My perspective is different in these years of being a late-twenty-something-adult. I do not regret the past, as it shaped my current ideas and beliefs. But grown-up experiences did show me what I want. It is amazing being able to say that I do not want something, because experience and evidence can show why particular choices would not work. I also feel more sure of the decisions that I do make, being able to finally call them 'informed decisions.' 

Freedom of young adulthood without restrictions of youth

I am still young enough to not be 'settled down.' This provides a freedom to take risks and try new adventures. My diverse work background allows me to try almost anything, within the area of communications. There is freedom to travel where we want, without needing to consider wishes of many family members.

I am loving life as a 27 year old 

Twenty seven is not young, yet it is not old. This age is beautifully set in the middle, between youth and 'middle age.' Life is better than ever.

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