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Toastmasters in Australia Inclusive for All

Toastmasters in Australia are leading the way in all sorts of communities, as experienced by blind speaker Dana LaMon when he toured Sydney.   
Dana LaMon was the special guest for the 2015 Toastmasters District 70 Annual Conference, held at the Bankstown Sports Club.
He presented the keynote speech at the Gala Dinner, and educational workshops on powerful presentations and coping with change.  
Dana also presented two workshops about presentation skills. One was in Burwood, the other in the Sydney CBD. There were different events for different areas and audiences in Sydney. 
Dana LaMon cannot see at all, yet he was still able to experience Australia and lead the next generation of speakers. 
He went sight seeing with a Toastmasters member, visiting the iconic Sydney landmarks. 
"I enjoyed feeding the kangaroos, petting the koala, then going to the Opera House. 
Ross was a wonderful guide to actually take me up the stairs and feel the sides of the building.