North West Wins the Google Game

North West is now dominating Google more than the meaning of her name. This beautiful toddler is the daughter of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West. She is also redefining the meaning of this upwardly mobile direction.  

She recently told the paparazzi, "I said no pictures," as seen on The Hollywood Fix. Yet chances are North will take every step of her life in front of cameras. So she typically handles it pretty well. 

It can't be easy, living life's most casual moments, in front of audiences of millions. Yet there must be a few perks.  

Product placement is already a part of her designer life. North is wearing plenty of glamorous famous fashion labels. She is either fashion forward, or a human billboard.  

Life as a Kardashian toddler is also the networking opportunity like no other. North West famously sat near Anna Wintour at New York Fashion Week, according to Entertainment Tonight.

So search for the iconic Vogue magazine, and you might find yourself reading about a 2 year old. Gone are the days of toddlers associating their brands with just the Wiggles...

Let's face it. North West is becoming a key figure in the world of Google. She's everywhere in the online media for fashion and entertainment. The world is her oyster. And she is a toddler.


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