The Fun Of Leadership

Leadership has its light fun moments, amongst the seriousness of striving towards goals. Toastmasters clubs teach leadership creatively, so it doesn't feel like work at all.

Themed meetings bring a twist to regular routine. Members can dress up, design the agenda, and create speeches, and play games for the theme. The Parramatta Toastmasters Club once played a game called, "Human Christmas Trees." A loyal leader became wrapped head to toe in tinsel. The same club created a meeting to celebrate the Rocky Horror Picture Show. One could only imagine the costumes. Now that is creative leadership.

Themes demonstrate great organisational leadership skills. It's not just child's play. There must be liaison with a caterer for themed food. Delegate a member who can decorate. Teach members new meeting techniques. Publicise the special event to the wider community.

Speeches themselves allow creative fun leadership. Stage time is not always serious business. Swap the lectern for a table or kitchen, and demonstrate your favourite food. End the 'death by powerpoint,' by displaying a screen of beautiful vivid pictures. Practice your media skills, with a mock interview. All these speeches develop leadership skills of informing people, through creative communication.

Leadership is not simply about telling people what to do. Leadership involves empowering people to create something which will benefit their lives.


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