How to Take a Good Selfie

Selfies are an art form. They require angles, colours, and manoeuvring.

Some say it's simple. Some see a skill in it.

You can decide.

Get the Zoom Fitting


This picture chopped half the forehead off. Remember if you're using an app like Instagram, you might need extra space before the app crops the picture. 

Still, you can't fit everything in the photo. So if in doubt, leave it out. 

Pull Funny Faces 


Create excitement with expressive looks. It doesn't have to always be serious.   

Use Your Outside Arm


If you're in a group, take a picture with your outside arm. Then it should be less visible in the photo, and shouldn't block the view of the beautiful people in it. 

Less is More

It's ok to hide behind big outfits or sunnies. This creates an image of mystery and exclusivity.

Smile With Your Friends


It looks social and fun. Selfies don't have to only be yourself. Share the love!

Pose in Windy Weather


Achieve that photo shoot look. Get snap happy just when your hair is blowing in the wind. 


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