Easy Healthy Eggy Breakfast

Breakfast should be healthy and not boring. After all, it is the most important meal of the day. 

Many people grow up with the same cereal and vegemite every morning. There is nothing wrong with that as such. Whatever floats your boat. But it doesn't have the flavour or nutrition of a delicious properly prepared breakfast. 

Food doesn't have to be complicated either. Spinach leaves are the perfect pretty inexpensive garnish for almost any plate of food. Good old ham and tomato can get people going in the morning. And they feel more filling than just a spread. Boiled eggs are so easy. They can sit there in the pot, doing their thing. Next thing you know, there are protein-rich delights without the oiliness. Enjoy. 

This is just one of many ways to properly enjoy breakfast. It's quick, simple, and totally worth it. Go on, give it a try. Break away from the normal routine. Treat yourself to something better.


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