Differences Make Us Stronger


Differences Make Us Stronger

Human kind are beautifully diverse. We gain strength in our differences. My relationship with Clay Halford is filled with amazing contrasts. 

Getting from A to B: To Drive or Not To Drive

I Avoid Driving

I never enjoyed driving. My attitude is partly due to the environment, also my slight perceived inability and also preferring to do other things.

There are too many things to pay attention to at the same time. Very little control exists for the other people on the road, who do unpredictable irresponsible things.

My Fiancee Relaxes When Driving

Clay, my fiancée, feels more relaxed when driving. We sometimes go on 'drives' where he simply drives us to the beach or around a few suburbs.

I do not fully understand the recreational side of cars. They seem boring to me. There is very little to do when cooped up in that little space.

But Clay gets to focus on steering instead of thinking about the crazy world we live in. We all have our own versions of escapism. It is not mine.

Some Driving Benefits Both Of Us

That being said, I am growing to see the perks of long road trips. The sound track can be fun - especially 500 miles by The Proclaimers. We also enjoy a bit more privacy than other forms of travel. Although car trips do not always feel completely comfortable, they have their benefits. 

Music: Rock versus Folk

My Fiancee Loves Niche Rock Bands

Clay gets adventurous when exploring the world of rock and roll. He subscribes to music magazines and CD deliveries (because there's more to the world than iTunes).

Our long road trips are made much easier with vibrant layered sounds blaring from the car speakers. We can much easily be alert with fast surprising audio in the backgrounds of our adventures.

He is happy to hear by hippie sounds on the stereo, but they are not his first choice.

I'm a Free Spirit Fan of 60s Folk

60s folk invokes serene feelings for me. It is more relaxing than rock for many reasons.

90s reunions caused lifelong feelings of nostalgia for 60s originals. Seekers songs remind me of the early 90s, when I was a young child, as the Aussie band held their 25th reunion. Their 50th anniversary, during my mid twenties, felt like re-living childhood. Nostalgia is only one of many benefits to folk music.

Peace is a positive theme of folk lyrics. Some modern tracks have more angst or unhappiness. An optimism existed in retro renditions of classics such as Bob Dylan.

Our Music Represents Complementary Personalities

We both introduce each other to opposite extreme ends of retro music. My mellow tunes are calming. Clay's energetic records keep us awake and alert. Musical bring us closer together as we gain variety, which is of course the spice of life.

Food: Meat Versus Vegetables

Meat for My Man

Clay is definitely a carnivore - he happily eats meats. Whether it's eating out or in, this macho man knows what he wants.

 My clever man is also skilled at cooking the red and white protein based delights. He can barbecue sausages for friends. His Bolognese is customised for personalisation. Cooking meat is more than about being at home - Clay enjoys experimental creative processes.

Of course he also simple takes joy digging into burgers and more when eating out. My future hubby is ultra down to earth in appreciating the tastes of professional simple meaty meals. Healthiness is balanced with leisure. Holidays are especially common times to let loose with indulgent delights.

I Strive for Balance with Veggies

My body thanks me when I give it natural healthy meals. I am by no means a vegetarian. But I have grown to appreciate the varieties of naturally grown plant based foods.

Frozen vegetables have got to be the most convenient option because they can be stored for months. Salads can also feel fine, especially in the warmer months.

The main thing is to avoid getting caught up in "super foods." Sure, some ingredients feature more nutrients than others. But fancy fads are not the priority. I enjoy quality tasty produce in any meal.

We Share Our Foodie Favourites Together

Food is definitely a benefit of being in a relationship. We both are able to share diverse dining experiences.

Clay has grown to appreciate and desire added veggies for balanced approaches. I happily fry sweet potato chips before we suss out the best tomatoes in stores. He may have reluctantly consumed some vegetables before my influence, but I take pride in bringing such a repertoire to a whole new level.

I gain much more protein and iron in my diet, thanks to Clay's dedicated meaty meals. Women often require extra iron-based foods to avoid being deficient. And my cutie makes an enjoyable experience out of hearty meals.

Drinks: Beer versus Wine

Clay was a Beer Boy

Clay's beer background is normal for most young men. Sure, he also used to try various types of ciders. But beers are those staples that can stay in the fridge for simple casual moments.

It's hard to believe Clay had barely sipped wines at all before our relationship. He tried one kind, was not too fond of it, and never felt a need to attempt other wines.

I Prefer Wine Time

A chilled glass of white wine is my favourite way to end every day. It can even bring a lunch to life on days off. Simple brands are easy ways to brighten up social events in moderation.

Most lighter kinds of wine make me happy. I tried kiwi wine and am close to opening up the chilli wine. Plain classics, like sauvignons, are always kept in my wine rack. If you know what you like, why change it?

My Usual Drink Became His New Classic

I take great pride in having converted my fiancee to the world of wines. It means we can share the same type of beverage without having to buy more items. Clay can happily taste new products as we share in the appreciation.

Differences Bring Us Together

Coupled life is much more interesting because of the variety that comes from different interests. We respect each other's opinions and preferences. Then we both try as much of something new as we can handle. Diversity makes life more interesting and allows for more common ground. 


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