Let's get social!

Where's Mel? In Sydney? Yes and no. We can also find Mel online. Here's a quick list to find Mel wherever it's needed.

1. Facebook: FB (my abbreviation) is home to the most info about Mel. Check out some Instagrammed photos and more.
2. Twitter: The easiest way to contact your favourite faces. Don't forget to #hashtag a topic and @tag @Mel_Wilson. If I find an interesting link, I'll Tweet it.
3. Google+ It's difficult to change the URL. But this profile leads to the blog What Mel Wants. My profile page gives some info, but it's not the main conversation location.
4. Foursquare: Use a smartphone to tell friends about a cool location nearby. Who knows, you just might find me!
5. Myspace: Mel's very first social networking page. What a trip down memory lane...
6. Tumblr: Create blogs and follow others. Follow Mel or my fave, the adorable Zoey Deschanel.
7. Skype: Hi there! Skype username is melsw89. 
8. Latitude: Find my Google profile on the app since it's from Google,
9. Dropbox: Email Mel at melsw89@me.com
10. Mashable Although I'm new to Mashable, it looks informative!
11. Linkedin: home to Mel's CV!
12. Flipboard: Mel's newest app about apps.
13. Fango: To talk TV, my Fango is linked to my Twitter
14. Pinterest: need a tasty recipe? Or a cute dress? And how do you make Nutella ice cream? What has Mel found from others' Pin boards?  
15. Spotify: The Facebook's connected to the Spotify... Mel's music magic almost fizzled out since there are zero songs on this app. It's time for some inspiration... 
16. Instagram: Unlike the music collection, Mel's fun photos are found at the username melanie_suzanne.  
17. WordPress: from the username melaniesuzannewilson, check out catchy comments at the blog by Marketer Mel.
That's a lot of apps. Remember to search for Melanie Suzanne Wilson on Google and see what happens!


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