Decoration Station

The popularisation of Pinterest has got the creative juices flowing for innovative ideas. One of these crafty categories is household decoration. Materials range from paper to a tennis ball. Others are products from online stores. The most pinned fantastic finds are all about originality. That’s why they end up on Pinterest – to inform us about something we don’t already know about.

But there are other decorative options we used before Pinterest. My household style involves fairly random bits and pieces. Whether they are found at a chain store or given as a gift, it’s all good.   

Typo from the Cotton On group can be blamed for the gutsy calendar on my wall. Each month is accompanied by a quote such as, “keep calm and rock on,” or “keep calm and bust a move.” There’s something extra cheeky in August, “keep calm as life is f***** anyway.” This calendar might overwhelm a different crowd. Nonetheless, the fun humour from Typo really lightens the mood.   

Then there is the criss-crossed patchy fabric lampshade. Nothing was more of a surprising find. It looks crafty enough to be home made. The shade has a fascinating DIY feel. Contrasted shades of pink complement each other perfectly. Nobody would guess a pretty piece like this actually came from Bunnings a few years ago. We never know where the next bargain buy will be.   

Unexpected treasures are so much fun. Who knows where the next decorative design will be found?



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